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10 Fun Things You Can Do Outside of Bars and Clubs

10 Fun Things You Can Do Outside of Bars and Clubs

Whether you’re newly alcohol-free, a long-timer or are stopping drinking for a short while – there’s lots of activities you can enjoy without stepping foot into a bar or club. As inspired by Sober Girl Society’s Mille Gooch, here’s ten fun things you can try…

Let’s get physical

Ever wanted to jump out of a plane, but aren’t quite ready to make the leap? I-Fly now offer an indoor skydiving option, giving you (and a friend!) the chance to experience what it’s like, without the horrifying heights!

Or, if you’d like to swing from the trees – we’d recommend Go Ape and their huge variety of courses around the UK. While you might feel like drinking for some Dutch courage, you’ll be thankful for a clear head when you’re navigating the course.

Activate brain power

Did you know that drinking alcohol can result in a loss of coordination or trouble focusing? Meaning you’d be the last person picked to be on a team if you’re indulging. Though we can’t promise that drinking Zero.Zilch.Zip’s low and no-alcohol options will make you better at Escape Rooms (we love the ones at Clue Quest!) We reckon you’ll be a much better team member and might even lead them to a win at Monopoly’s new Lifesized Edition.

The big screen experience

Fancy taking a step into the screen? Whether you choose a physical, mental or mystery challenge – the Crystal Maze is sure to entertain. Or, if you’re the type of person who screams at the telly that they could do it better, pop down to the Cube Experience in Manchester and try and prove it (it’s harder than it looks!) Lastly, if you’re a proud Potterhead, the HP Forbidden Forest Experience is the one for you!

Food, glorious food

OK, OK – this might be cheating slightly. But we’re of the opinion that restaurants are some of the best places to enjoy alcohol-free. Rather than just eating to be able to drink on a full stomach, these can be enjoyed as an experience all of their own. Fan of DC? Why not check out Park Row in London with it’s Gotham-themed dining room. Or, if you fancy a pudding, you can’t go wrong with Humble Crumble and their twist on a classic. Lastly, if you’ve been enjoying Great British Menu as much as we have, which not check out judge Tom Kerridge’s The Bull & Bear in Manchester.

Share your alcohol-free adventures with us by @tagging us in your pictures on Instagram – we’d love to see what you get up to!