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Alcohol-free … for free? Tester needed to help find the world’s best alcohol free drinks

Alcohol-free … for free? Tester needed to help find the world’s best alcohol free drinks

We are looking for a new Zerologist to join the team!

The Job Role

Join us on our noble quest to find the best low and no alcohol drinks - battling supermarket mediocrity and online overwhelm. Our curated collection is just 62 drinks, but we are looking to add more with your help.

This tasting job can be performed alongside your current role, or even whilst in the office - because fog-free brains and hangover-free mornings are guaranteed.

Whether you're sober curious, a mindful drinker, prioritising your health or just fancy trying some new drinks you are welcome to apply!

What the @#*$ is a Zerologist?

Zerologist Tim

Some would refer to Zerologists as taste-testers, others as curators, but we'd call it your dream job. The successful candidate will receive a six month supply of alcohol free drinks including beers, wines, ciders, spirit alternatives, mocktails and even kombucha to taste and rank.

The taster will work to help our Zerologists, James and Christine, to try new products on the market to add to our carefully curated collection. Our Zerologists are currently surrounded by samples and have so many to taste, you'll be an absolute lifesaver!

What will you be doing?

  • Sampling a range of alcohol free drinks including beers, ciders, wines and spirit alternatives
  • Rank the drinks to identify your favourites (and the ones that might be added to our collection! )
  • Discover exciting new no and low alcoholic drinks such as non-alcoholic sake, cold brew tea and premium kombucha

Terms and conditions

  • The job opening is for individuals only
  • The successful candidate will be paid in alcohol free drinks
  • Application deadline is Monday 16 May
  • The chosen candidate will receive a box of alcohol free drinks monthly, for six months
  • The first box will arrive in June
  • Over 18s only
  • Candidates can have a separate full-time job during the duration of the role
  • Candidates have to be mainland UK based

How to apply

  • Tell us your name, age, email address and why you want to be our new Zerologists
  • The lucky winner will be announced on Friday 20 May

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