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Alcohol-Free Mulled Wine Recipe

Alcohol-Free Mulled Wine Recipe

It’s Christmas, so only pure comfort and joy will do. There’s nothing better than a deliciously spiced mulled wine around this time of year, but for those living a sober life or dipping their toe into the alcohol-free world, you may wonder how you can make it without the booze. Lucky for you, it requires minimal effort, and to make things even easier, we’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps. So elevate your winter gatherings, or even your cosy evenings, to a whole new level with this warming mulled wine recipe using absolutely no alcohol.

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine Recipe

Ingredients to serve 6:
750ml Thomson & Scott Noughty Rouge Red Wine
3 tbsp honey
1 cinnamon stick
2-star anise
6 whole cloves
3 bay leaves
5 cardamom pods
5 black peppercorns
2 oranges


1 - Pour the bottle of wine alternative into a large saucepan (or even better, a slow cooker to make for easy serving!). Add the honey, spices and bay leaves and stir.
2 - Grate the oranges and squeeze in the juice.
3 - Heat gently and stir regularly for 10 minutes until steaming but not boiling.
4 - Turn off the heat and allow the mulled wine to steep and release its aromatic flavours.
5 - Pour, removing any bay leaves, into glasses and enjoy!

Other Alcohol-Free Drinks for Christmas


A Snowball, a classic Christmas cocktail notorious for its potential to induce a heavy head, finds a delightful and alcohol-free alternative with this festive mocktail. To craft this refreshing drink, blend 500ml of lemonade (opt for diet if you prefer), a splash of invigorating lemon or lime juice, and a few cinnamon sticks for a touch of holiday warmth. Elevate the mocktail with 100ml of REAL sparkling tea, infusing a fruity kick and lively effervescence reminiscent of the original. Gently stir the ingredients, allowing the sweet, citrusy, and spiced notes to harmonise. Serve over ice, garnished with a slice of lemon or a cinnamon stick, promising all the joy of the season without the risk of a morning-after haze – a perfect way to toast to festive celebrations without the alcohol-induced aftermath.


Combine the lush flavours of coconut milk, pineapple juice, and a ripe banana in a blender to concoct a tantalising tropical blend. Pour in the creamy coconut milk, infuse the mix with the sweet tang of pineapple juice, and toss in a perfectly ripe banana for that velvety, rich texture. Elevate the mocktail experience by incorporating a touch of Myth Coconut White Rum Non-Alcoholic Spirit, mimicking the distinctive rum flavour that defines a classic Pina Colada. Let the blender work its magic until the ingredients harmonise into a smooth, luxurious texture, reminiscent of the indulgent feel of the original cocktail. Pour the vibrant mixture into a chilled glass, and adorn it with a pineapple slice or wedge for an extra dose of tropical allure.

Non-alcoholic egg-nog:

Begin by infusing the essence of one vanilla pod into a large bowl, extracting the aromatic seeds with anticipation. Then, introduce the richness of 4 egg yolks, and pour in 100 ml of sugar syrup, embarking on a journey of flavour. Employ the assistance of an electric whisk to dance through the mixture until it transforms into a pale and luscious consistency, each beat an orchestration of sweetness and texture. Next, pour in the velvety embrace of 100 ml of double cream, followed by 100 ml of milk, letting the ingredients meld into a harmonious symphony of flavours.

Festive peppermint hot chocolate:

Indulge in the creation of a decadent winter treat by breaking your favourite chocolate bar into a pan with milk, gently heating and stirring until a velvety fusion emerges. Let the mixture steam, infusing the air with a tantalising aroma, before removing from heat and introducing the richness of double cream. Elevate this luscious concoction with a festive touch by garnishing it with a peppermint candy cane, allowing the flavours to meld in a warming symphony of chocolate and mint. Served in mugs, this festive crowd-pleaser is not just a hot chocolate but a comforting celebration of the season, inviting friends and family to savour the rich, creamy indulgence and create lasting holiday memories.

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