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Best Non-Alcoholic Beers Chosen by our Zerologists

Best Non-Alcoholic Beers Chosen by our Zerologists

Here at Zero.Zilch.Zip, we love sharing the many benefits to cutting out alcohol. From improved sleep and concentration to ditching the beer fear of the morning after – saying bye-bye to booze comes with a bunch of boosts! Whether you’re sober curious, alcohol-free, or just looking to taste something new, you’ll be delighted with the delectable drinks available at 0%.

Partial to a pint? Sometimes there’s nothing better than an ice-cold beer at the end of a busy day. Well, you don’t need to compromise on taste as our selection of non-alcoholic beers is sure to bring the the pub to your living room. Here’s a few of our favourites…

1. Days Pale Ale

We’re proud of the fantastic brewers we’ve got right here at home in the UK – including Days, who were conceived to get more out of your day!

Serving up flavours of poached stone fruit, toasted brioche and cinnamon and mace – Days Pale Ale is a dark amber with a cream-coloured foam head. Serve up this vegan-friendly (and low-calorie!) sip alongside your ploughman’s lunch.  

2. Brulo Lust for Life

Looking for a hip hop to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat?

Brulo Lust for Life will have you saying, “I can’t believe it’s 0%!” It’s got a yummy, fruity flavour full of peach, banana, citrus, and apricots aplenty with a gentle bitterness and a creamy mouth feel. We like this all by itself – it’s also brilliant with traditional fish and chips!

3. Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager

Lucky Saint’s unfiltered lager is truly the first really great non-alcoholic lager, and still the one that others try to match. With aromas of honey and hops and followed by rich flavours of grapefruit, malt, and rhubarb – you’ll likely enjoy this one all by itself (and as often as you like!)

4. Mikkeller Weird Weather

Here in the UK, we’re prone to some weird weather – whether it’s cold, hot, sunny, rainy…  take a sip of this appropriately named IPA from Mikkeller[GP1] . This multi-faceted pale lemon beer with a surprising array of flavours comes with a delicious balanced bitterness.

5. Insel-Brauerei Skippers Wet Hopped Pilsner

Although Lucky Saint may have been the first, Insel-Brauerei’s Wet Hopped Pilsner is definitely one of the best! Full of zesty, bitter resin and hoppy character – this full-flavoured lager is best enjoyed cold (in a pilsner glass, if you have one!)

6. Jump Ship Flying Colours

Finishing with a classic heart-warming British ale, Jump Ship’s Flying Colours. Enjoyed best with a Sunday roast, this mid-russet brown ale tastes of dried fruit, allspice, bitter leaves, roast nuts and tarte tatin – all in all a nicely balanced malt with a pleasant bitterness.

Ready to bin off the booze? Why not grab one of our beer bundles featuring some of our stars above!

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we’ll certainly raise a pint for that.