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Our Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Highlights to Enjoy this Summer

Our Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine Highlights to Enjoy this Summer

The moment is approaching. The barbecue is fired up, friends are gathering, and you're holding a glass of wine. But if you're opting for a booze-free summer, don't worry, because we have everything you need right here.

Darling Cellars (DC) Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Wine <0.5% ABV

This South African sparkling Rosé has been awarded a silver medal in the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition. It boasts a vibrant burst of fruity flavours, with prominent notes of strawberries and plum. With its delightful profile, this Rosé makes for an excellent accompaniment to your summer seafood delicacies, refreshing salads, and other light dishes.

B1654 Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay 2021 <0.5%

Crafted with a stunning medley of grape varieties, anchored by the elegance of Chardonnay, this invigorating Sparkling wine hails from the iconic vineyards of South Australia and is sure to leave you asking for another glass. Flavours surrounding peach and apricots and floral aromas on the nose, summer in a glass.

Cimicky Sparkling Zero Non-Alcoholic Shiraz Wine

Combining the artistry of traditional winemaking techniques with cutting-edge patented dealcoholizing technology, Cimicky expertly produces their remarkable Cimicky Zero non-alcoholic collection. Using only the finest grapes sourced from South Australia, Cimicky Sparkling Zero emerges as a vibrant testament to their craftsmanship. Bursting with captivating flavours and also a winner of a silver medal in the World Alcohol Free Awards 2023.

Pure Vision Zero Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay 2021 Wine

Crafted from organic grapes harvested from the esteemed Pure Vision vineyards in Virginia, South Australia, this exquisite non-alcoholic Chardonnay exemplifies the family's dedication to their craft. Through a gentle extraction process, the alcohol has been removed, resulting in a Chardonnay that brims with invigorating notes of zesty citrus, succulent peach, and luscious honeydew melon. Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Blanc de Blancs <0.5%

Elevating the realm of premium South Australian sparkling wines, presents an exceptional Blanc de Blancs that unleashes a symphony of indulgent flavours with each sip. It undergoes a thorough alcohol extraction process prior to bottling, removing all the alcohol, meaning the result is a dazzling, crisp, and harmonious wine that tantalises the taste buds with its persistent citrus notes.

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