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How to be Alcohol-Free this Valentine’s Day

How to be Alcohol-Free this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re riding solo, all loved up or just figuring it out, everyone deserves to feel included this Valentine’s Day.

We’re here to make your day fun whilst being alcohol-free, so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones (just not your ex, please).

Approaching dates

Being sober allows an increase in mental clarity, so if you’re still unsure about your date for Valentine’s Day, we can’t help you any further in that department.

However, if you’re ready and raring to go, approaching a date whilst alcohol-free can be tough, however, here’s how to do it to ensure the conversation flows and everything goes smoothly without you having to be 4 cocktails deep.

Let them know

If it’s a first date or outing together, it is always a good idea to let your date know before you get there you’re thinking of sticking to alcohol-free. No need to discuss why as they should respect it, but it may spark a good conversation and allow you to plan something fun without alcohol involved.

If you’ve been chatting for a while maybe you’ve already told them, and if you’ve gone on some dates already/been together a while it’ll obviously be known you’ll be steering clear of the booze, but if not, just give them a heads up before you plan just in case they have a boozy date in their imagination.

Be drink-prepared

It would also be a good idea to check the options on the drinks menu if you are going for a drink somewhere, as being alcohol-free doesn't mean you have to miss out on nice cocktail bars etc.

Make sure they have a few tasty options for you at least! There’s a large selection of alcohol-free wines, spirits and beers on Zero Zilch Zip if you’re having a cute night in by yourself or with a partner, and most places sell good alcohol-free options nowadays, if they don’t it’s not worth going there to celebrate Valentine’s Day anyway.

Don’t overthink it

Dating sober is exactly the same as dating whilst drinking alcohol. It’s an opportunity to own who you are whilst being mindful. Focus on enjoying your time with someone new, or yourself, and don’t put any pressure on yourself to be a certain way, that’s no fun at all.

Have some good conversations, laugh a little or a lot and look after yourself. If you want a fun alcohol-free date idea, check out our top valentine’s day alcohol free drinks and head below or some awesome mocktail ideas for your galentine’s day cocktail or movie night.

Valentine’s Day Mocktails

Wherever you are or whoever you’re with this Valentine’s Day, these mocktail ideas are bound to have your heart racing (healthily!) and still leave you hangover free the next day.

They’re even perfect for younger family members if you’re all together this February 14th.

Pink G and T

Mix some Polka Non-alcoholic Italian Aperitif and some of your favourite tonic water. Drop in some red fruit juice, we recommend grapefruit, and garnish with an orange slice.

This cocktail has hints of blood orange flavours as well as your sweet fruit juice and is then well balanced by the tonic water.

Ruby red mocktail

Mix cranberry juice, Xachoh Blend Number 5 and some Princess Alternativa Rosato, plus a few raspberries and you have a lovely red mocktail to sip with your loved ones. This one has romance written all over it.

Fruity martini

Whether you go along the lines of passionfruit or pineapple, this martini alternative is bound to get your heart singing.

Mix New London Light, some vanilla syrup, a drop of alcohol-free sparkling wine and top with your choice of fruit juice.

Cheeky Daiquiri

Mix some RumISH rum alternative with some ANON English Garden, top off with some lime juice, vanilla syrup and some ice.

If you want to be extra cheeky, add a drop of syrup to the mix. This one may give you a slight sugar rush but it is Valentine’s Day after all.

For more alcohol-free insights, visit our Zerology Zone.