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Introducing Gnista - Sweden's Answer to Mindful Drinking

Introducing Gnista - Sweden's Answer to Mindful Drinking

This brand has been shifting the way we drink alcohol-free spirits for some time now. With a name meaning ‘spark’, you’d expect nothing less.

About Gnista Spirits

Born in Malmo, Sweden, Gnista and their drinks are designed to target those who love the drinking experience, but more often than not, tend to skip the alcohol.

The brand was launched in 2019, and was created with the aim of providing a top-class alcohol-free spirit to enjoy at social events, parties or wherever you enjoy a tipple, whilst also focusing the brand on Swedish values surrounding sustainability and gender equality.

It was created by Swedish alcohol-free expert Erika Ollen, who has been studying the non-alcoholic scene since 2015, and knows everything there is to know about great tasting alcohol-free beverages. She says Gnista was born out of the sense that people who aren’t drinking alcohol ‘deserve something better’.

Gnista Products

Gnista Floral Wormwood

Launched in 2019 as Gnista’s introductory product, Floral Wormwood is aromatic and fresh on the nose, with bitter tones of wormwood and green herbs, hints of orange peel and a floral finish. Floral Wormwood is distilled and barrel aged like alcoholic spirits, its peppery and earthy style create a delicious drinking journey that is usually associated with its alcoholic counterparts, except this one won’t leave you with a heavy head after a couple.

Gnista Barreled Oak

With smokey, dry tones and hints of warm, winter spices, this dark spirit alternative is a perfect representation of the magic Gnista produces. Whilst also having a distinct character on an oak barrel, similar to some of the world’s finest drinks, this drink is perfect over ice on its own or mixed with a soda.

Gnista red NOT wine - Italian Style 0.5%

Offering tannins, cherries, liquorice and a woody spiciness, Gnista’s red wine alternative isn’t de-alcoholised, but more crafted with select ingredients to give you that iconic red wine feeling, but instead tasting unique and like no other wine alternative. It’s a perfect accompaniment to red meats and BBQ dishes, and ensures that your nights are a little more cosy. Whilst not tasting like any other wine, you’ll be engulfed by the flavours this drink offers.

Gnista red NOT wine - French Style 0.5%

Just like its Italian sibling, Gnista red French Style isn’t meant to be like wine, but in its own world of flavours and sensations on the tongue. Gnista Red French style has a perfumed nose, plenty of ripe red berries, and finishes with soft tannins and spice, and will be the perfect pairing for cheese boards and sweet desserts. Gnista are great at getting the best out of flavours and spices and this is a prime example of what an alcohol-free wine alternative should taste like.

When to serve Gnista

Gnista pride themselves on offering the best alcohol alternatives out there. So, if you’re thinking of diving into the Swedish world of alcohol-free, you may want to know which situation or event is best for their offerings.

Party time

If you’re hosting a party or attending one, we’d recommend Gnista Floral Wormwood as your drink of choice. The fruity flavours will leave your taste buds tingling and get your legs ready for a dance, whether you like it or not! We’d suggest curating some delicious cocktails using the spirit alternative. Simply mix Floral Wormwood with some soda water, fruit juice of your choice and a fruit garnish and voila, you have the base to a fantastic mocktail. Play around with it, have fun, that’s the point of it all.

Quiet evening with loved ones

If you’re staying in this weekend, maybe ordering a takeaway or cooking up your partner’s favourite dish, pour a glass of Gnista NOT Red Wine, either French or Italian style depending on the food choices. The fruity, flavourful style of both these wine alternatives will spark your senses and leave romance in the air. You’ll even save calories as they’re both low in this department, meaning you’re definitely allowed dessert too.

After dinner

Whiskey is known as the perfect after dinner drink, this is no different when you move to alcohol-free. For that perfect relaxing after dinner sensation, but without the alcohol, try some Gnista Barreled Oak, in your favourite tumbler, on the rocks. The dark, oaky smells are bound to leave you feeling relaxed and at ease, the perfect ending to a night.

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