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Introducing Sentia Spirits and Myth Drinks

Introducing Sentia Spirits and Myth Drinks

Two of the freshest alcohol-free brands on the block. 

Sentia Spirits

Sentia is the next generation of feel-good drinks, designed to target the health conscious consumer, whilst also aiming to hit that ‘sweet spot' of an alcoholic drink.

Sentia spirits are designed to ignite that feeling of connection through their unique blend of powerful, plant based ingredients that are proven to activate ‘GABA’ in the brain, also known as the sweet spot.

‘GABA’ incorporates feelings of sociability and relaxation, similar to alcohol, just without the negative effects associated with alcoholic drinks including loss of judgement, headaches and feeling dizzy.

Sentia Products

Sentia’s drinks are all designed by a team of scientists and innovators, and they’re more than just flavour like many alternatives.

Sentia Alcohol-Free Red Spirit

SENTIA Alcohol-Free Red Spirit 0.0%

Flavours surrounding spiced pepper and berries, floral aromatics and a smoky bitter finish, Sentia’s red spirit tunes into your brain’s natural ‘GABA' for a sense of lightness and relaxation.

Perfect with your favourite mixer or in a dark cocktail, this red spirit is perfect for warm summer evenings.

Be sure to serve it with ice and a slice.

As Sentia’s spirits contain botanicals of a certain concentration, this product has to be classed as a food supplement, meaning that you shouldn’t consume this product if you are on prescription medication, pregnant or breastfeeding. Sentia also states that you shouldn’t exceed 100ml in any 24 hour period and recommend not driving when consuming.

Myth Drinks

Designed to be fun, grown up and exciting, Myth Drinks were created to bring a smile to your face.

The creators of Myth Drinks stated they often felt sad after dinner or on a night out due to the fact that the alcohol-free options were boring, tasteless or not much fun, so they started Myth in May 2022.

Their drinks are for any occasion but go down especially well in the summer.

Myth Products

Perfect for cocktails or on their own, Myth’s products are all full of flavour and all beautifully bottled.

Myth Spiced Dark Cane Alcohol-Free Spirit

Myth Spiced Dark Cane Alcohol Free Spirit

A versatile spirit with flavours of black pepper, fiery ginger and vanilla. This vegan friendly, zero alcohol spirit is the perfect alternative to spiced rum and is sure to keep you warm on cold winter nights or tingle your senses on hot summer days.

Myth White Cane Coconut Rum Alcohol-Free Spirit

Myth White Cane Coconut Rum Alcohol Free Spirit

If a malibu and coke is your thing, but you’re alcohol-free, Myth has you covered. A concoction of caribbean flavours surrounding coconut, peach and caramel, this spirit alternative is exactly what you need when the sun is shining.

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