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13 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

13 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

Are you looking for non-alcoholic drinks for summer?

With summer just around the corner, warm nights with loved ones are calling, as are delicious, refreshing drinks to top off the perfect vibes. Here we show you the best alcohol-free drink recipes for hot summer days.

Fruity Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

When you think of refreshing drinks perfect for summertime, fruity options are usually at the top of the list. This is no different when going alcohol-free. Here’s our recent favourites.

1. ANON English Garden

Anon English Garden   ANON English GardenComing in both a ready to drink can or alcohol-free spirit, ANON English Garden is the perfect Pimms alternative for those who want to steer clear of the booze this summer.
A combination of flavours surrounding summer fruits, cucumber, mint, orange, apple and strawberry, we’re certain this delightful drink will satisfy your fruity cravings.

2. Van Nahmen Fruit Secco - Apple, Quince

Van Nahmen Fruit Secco - Apple, Quince
Another refreshing, fruity number in the form of fruit-secco. Van Nahmen Fruit Secco combines flavours of apple juice and quince juice to replicate a ripe Riesling, just without the alcohol, and a bit more flavour. Coming with a complex aroma, this drink is best served at 8-10 degrees and on a warm summer’s day.

3. POLKA Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit

POLKA Non-Alcoholic Botanical Spirit

Perfect for your fruity alcohol-free cocktails, POLKA’s non alcoholic botanical spirit contains notes of juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit. Perfect when mixed with lemonade or soda water and topped with a fresh fruit slice of your choice. This tasty option will have you wishing summer never ends.

Other fruity alcohol-free drinks for summer

If these 3 fruity tipple’s don’t spark your senses. Why not go for a REAL Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea can, an exquisite loose leaf tea with notes of straw, grapefruit and sweet lemons, a deliciously refreshing summer drink.

If tea isn’t your thing, whip together some fruit cocktails using our huge range of alcohol-free spirits. We have amazing alternatives to Gins and Vodkas, both of which are very prominent in many famous fruity cocktails!

Simply replace the alcohol with our non-alcoholic alternative, add a slice and away you go! Refreshment to the max.

Non-Alcoholic Slushies for Summer

It wouldn’t be summer without a few ice-cold slushies on the menu. Alcoholic slushies are all the rave at the moment, and we’re here to show you don’t need to miss out if you’re alcohol free.

All of these require you to have a blender to create a slushie texture, however, if you don’t, they’ll still be delicious with a handful of ice and the mixture of ingredients.

4. Orange and lemon alcohol-free slushie

Blend a handful of ice, some lemonade, orange juice and a drop of Wilfred’s Bittersweet Orange and Rosemary together. Finish with a slice of orange and a drop of lemon syrup if you have some to hand. This bittersweet slushie is perfect for a warm evening.

5. Frozen Piña Colada - Alcohol-free

Blend some coconut milk, pineapple juice, a banana and a handful of ice together. Finish with a drop of RumISH Alcohol-Free Spirit to get that authentic Pina Colada taste. If too thick, add a drop more pineapple juice.

6. Frozen Margarita - Alcohol - free

A favourite for many throughout the summer, your next frozen margarita doesn’t have to be alcoholic, instead try our alcohol-free version. Blend together some ice, lemonade, orange juice, some grated orange peel and the lime juice from 2 limes.

Drop some mint leaves on top for some extra flavour. This one is a little bitter but that’s part of the fun!

Healthy, Low Sugar, Alcohol Free Drinks for Summer

The fantastic thing about most of the options above is that, due to their non-alcoholic content, they’re all relatively low in calories and most are low in sugar (depending on how generous you are with syrups and juices!). For even more healthy alcohol-free drinks for summer, read on!

7. Alcohol-Free G and T

A classic for a hot summer’s day. As gin, like all alcohol, is quite calorie dense, our version is better for the body and soul. Drop some ice in a glass, mix some diet tonic with some New London Light, and top with a slice of lime.

This one is light on the tongue and the stomach, leaving more space for delicious summer’s day snacks.

8. Thomson & Scott Noughty Blanc Non-Alcoholic White Wine

Thomson & Scott Noughty Blanc Non-Alcoholic White Wine

White wine is a favourite throughout summer due to its crisp and acidic nature. This one is very low in calories (17 Kcal per 100ml) and also low in sugar (2.08g per 100ml) meaning it's totally acceptable to drink the whole bottle!

Produced using 98% Chardonnay and 2% Chenin Blanc grapes, this one is perfect to drink on hot summer evenings with a lovely pasta or risotto.

9. LIFTED Alcohol-Free High Protein Recovery Lager

LIFTED Alcohol-Free High Protein Recovery Lager

A protein beer? Yep, we know. We’ve written a whole blog on this, check it out here.

As well as having 10g of protein per can, it’s very low in sugar and calories, and is incredibly refreshing, like any beer should be. This is as healthy as a drink can get, probably.

10. NEWBLOOD Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine <0.5%

NEWBLOOD Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine <0.5%

Some people say rosé wine is the perfect drink for summer due to its crisp, fruity taste. It’s even better if it’s alcohol-free and relatively healthy, too.

This NEWBLOOD offering is low in calories (18 kCal per 100ml) and low in sugar (1.6g per 100ml), as well as being full of rose petal, watermelon and wild strawberry aromas. Drink this one with your loved ones in the heat, and pair it with a lovely cheese board or fresh meats.

Non-Alcoholic Punch for Summer

With fruity numbers and slushies ticked off, it’s only right that we show you some punch recipes perfect for summer, alcohol-free of course.

11. Fruit Salad Punch

Find yourself a bowl and chuck in some fruit salad in its juice. 2 to 3 cans should do the job. Add some lemonade, 0.5 litre or more, and some extra fruit juice of your choice.

Grapefruit is a favourite of ours. Finally, throw in some ice and a drop of RumISH to give it that extra kick. Leave to sit for an hour and voila!

12. Orange Punch

Oranges and a hot day go very well together as they’re super refreshing. This is no different in a punch. Mix a carton of orange juice in a bowl with some ice, orange slices and a drop of pineapple juice for that extra kick.

Drop in a bit of tonic water to fizz it up and leave for an hour. Packed full of vitamin C as an extra bonus!

13. Cranberry Punch

A slightly more bitter option. Mix a carton of cranberry juice in a bowl with some ice, half a bottle of Bowser LEAF Conker Spirit Dorset, a lime, juiced, 500ml grapefruit juice and finish with some orange slices and raspberries to sweeten the tooth.

This one is a bit bitter at times but perfect for waking you up on a summer’s day.

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