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Ready Made Non-Alcoholic Cocktails From Zero.Zilch.Zip.

Ready Made Non-Alcoholic Cocktails From Zero.Zilch.Zip.

With many occasions perfect for cracking open a ready made alcohol-free cocktail, including parties, hot summer days or movie night, it’s important that you have the perfect drink in your hand. Here’s the Zero.Zilch.Zip. list of ready made non-alcoholic cocktails and why they should be next on your list of mocktails to try.

Haelu Salerno Spritz (Pronounced Hey-Lu!)

Haelu Salerno Spritz

Haelu drinks contain ‘active ingredients & grown up tastes’. By this they mean their drinks contain a unique blend of adaptogens, botanicals, vitamins and minerals, so as well as leaving you with no hangover the next day, their mocktails also provide you with health benefits very few other drinks do. This one contains grapefruit, sweet orange, rhubarb and herbal botanicals as well as their Happi blend of vitamins, adaptogens and botanicals, all to help you feel relaxed. Their Salerno Spritz is low calorie, low sugar and completely alcohol-free, just in case their unique and tasty ingredient blend didn’t quite sell it to you!

Haelu Havana Heat

Haelu Havana Heat

Packed again with the Haelu Happi blend, their Havana Heat is another alcohol-free cocktail that is good for you and your head. This blend is perfect if you like spiced rums, textured red wines or spicy cocktails as it contains notes of chilli, oak and natural botanicals. Perfect in a tumbler over ice with a thin slice of orange peel, Havana Heat is a perfect representation of a stormy havana evening. Low in calories too, meaning your stormy evening can last longer than usual.

Sea Arch Rose Sea and T

Sea Arch Rose Sea & T

Made with delicious seaside botanicals, a twist of raspberry and rose infused tonic, the Sea Arch Rose Sea and T is a wonderful non-alcoholic botanical spirit and perfect alternative for a fruity gin based cocktail. Crafted with the Sea Arch Coastal Juniper alcohol-free spirit, notes of juniper and bitter grapefruit hit the tongue first, followed by blood orange and coriander. It’s a perfect, sophisticated alternative for when you want to stay off the alcohol, and means you're not missing out on traditional, botanical flavours. Low in calorie, vegan friendly, sweetener free and allergen free meaning you’ll feel wonderfully fresh the next morning.

Sea Arch Sea and T

Sea Arch Alcohol Free Sea & T Cocktail

A non fruity version of the Rose Sea and T, more resembling a classic Gin and Tonic, just without the alcohol. Again, crafted with the Sea Arch Juniper alcohol-free spirit, the Sea and T contains similar notes but without the twist of raspberry, and a more pure, botanical flavour resembling the Devon coast. Perfect over ice with a berry garnish, this alcohol-free cocktail is easy to crack open and enjoy on any occasion. Deliciously refreshing, tasteful and light, as well as containing absolutely no-alcohol. Perfect if you fancy a G and T but fancy being a mindful drinker for the evening.

ANON English Garden

If you’re a Pimms fan, this one's for you! Containing flavours surrounding summer fruits, cucumber, mint, orange, apple and strawberry, the ANON english garden ready to drink can is your one stop shop to summer’s day heaven. As well as winning many awards, this Pimms alternative is a favourite of ours at Zero.Zilch.Zip. due to its beautiful flavour combinations and fruity vibe, fantastic as a cocktail alternative if you’re booze free. Simply crack it open and pour over ice with a wedge.

Here at Zero.Zilch.Zip., we’re alcohol-free experts. Find out more in our Zerology Zone.

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