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Tackling Occasions While Alcohol-Free

Tackling Occasions While Alcohol-Free

Funerals, weddings, Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas… As British people there’s a whole host of occasions that we’ll rush to raise a drink at. Whether you’re commiserating or celebrating, it feels like an event isn’t an event without a few cheeky bevs. However, at Zero.Zilch.Zip we’ve seen a better way. A way to celebrate without ruining the rest of your weekend. A way to get through an occasion without an inappropriately-timed drunken sing-song (or an impromptu argument!) Here we’ll share some of our top tips for surviving life’s milestones while staying alcohol-free. 

Alcohol-Free Weddings

If you’ve followed our top tips in our dating while not drinking blog, you might soon find yourself on a trip up the aisle. Or, attending someone else’s big day. Though it may be tempting to indulge in a tipple (and by all means go for it!), we know that staying alcohol-free is likely to make for a smoother and more memorable day. Interestingly, a survey of 1,000 married Brits by Instantprint found that one in twenty couples thought they ruined their wedding by being drunk. And, when you’re forking out up to £20K for one day, we reckon you might want to remember it!

A special note on the Hen or Stag Do — If you’re not drinking and are happy to drive your tipsy pals home, no-one will make a fuss of your alcohol-free choice as they’ll be saving on a taxi ride home. It’s pretty good to have an in-built designated driver after all.

Alcohol-Free Funerals

Funerals may be the epitome of witnessing a ‘stiff upper lip’ – with the attendees raising a glass of something alcoholic to toast their dearly departed. Some have suggested that feeling your emotions at times of grief are crucial, instead of hiding behind a beer bottle. Of course, if you’d like to join in on making a toast, why not try Belle & Co’s Sparkling 0% wine – all the bubbles with none of the booze.

Alcohol-Free Birthdays

Here’s a radical idea, if it’s your birthday, you get to decide what to do! Don’t bow to any public pressure to go out out, stick to your guns.

We’ve written a whole blog on activities you can check out that don’t include drinking to wet your whistle.

Alcohol-Free Christmas

Dare we mention the C-word? Well, when we say Christmas, we mean the whole hubbub surrounding Christmas that starts straight after Halloween. You’ll find yourself invited to no end of Christmas Parties – with both your colleagues, your family and your friends – in a variety of bars and pubs. Not only that, there’s Christmas Eve drinks, Christmas Day drinks and Boxing Day drinks to contend with. Never in the whole of human history has one nation desired to fit in so much alcohol than the Brits around Christmastime.

However, if you’re looking to opt out of the getting drunk part of the equation, you’re in-luck! Bars and pubs are now stocked with a range of fantastic low and no-alcohol options (and if all else fails, there’s always a soft drink!) And, while you'll likely be asked if you’re pregnant (can this stop please?), you’ll escape the festivities with more money in your pocket and potentially your pride still intact. 

There’s nothing else for it…

Although it may be daunting to tackle occasions without a drink it can easily be done. You’ll find yourself more in-tune with the event, and creating lasting memories to reflect on in years to come.

While we won’t tell you to never drink again, we love sharing the benefits that an alcohol-free lifestyle can bring to your health and your happiness!