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The 4 Types of Non-Alcoholic Wine

The 4 Types of Non-Alcoholic Wine

The diverse world of non-alcoholic wine - It can be confusing, that’s for sure. Here’s the complete guide to alcohol-free wine from Zero.Zilch.Zip. so you aren’t left scratching your head or frantically googling when it’s your turn to order.

Introduction to Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Alcohol-free wine isn’t a new concept. Some sources say it can even be traced back to the late 1800s/early 1900s when it was first made to abide by religious practices or to satisfy the rare health-conscious individual. Within recent years, however, the industry has blown up as more and more people ditch the drink or become ‘sober-curious’. This movement has paved the way for hundreds of alcohol-free beverage companies popping up, and more and more huge alcohol brands entering the space creating versions of their drinks with no alcohol content. The wine industry has taken all of this on its chin and become arguably the most popular alcohol-free sector due to the popularity of alcoholic wine and also the production techniques available to make alcohol-free wine taste and look like traditional wine.

Alcohol-free wine is a distinct beverage offering a nuanced tasting experience without alcohol. It caters to health-conscious individuals, pregnant women, and those in recovery, providing a safe alternative for various settings where alcohol may not be appropriate. With its lower calorie and sugar content, innovative production methods, and a growing market, it holds a unique place in the beverage industry, appealing to a wide range of consumers. It is not produced to simply imitate alcoholic wine, but more to stand on its own, providing a unique taste experience that can be enjoyed at any time by anyone.

Here are the types of wine we sell here at Zero.Zilch.Zip. and our current favourites.

Red Non-Alcoholic Wine

The words "balanced, velvety, earthy" are often tied to traditional red wine, describing its harmonious taste, smooth texture, and subtle earthy notes. However, non-alcoholic red wine offers more than this; it unveils an entirely new tasting experience. While still embodying balance and silkiness, alcohol-free red wine surprises with refreshing fruitiness, making it ideal for moderate consumption. It retains the earthy undertones and complexities of its alcoholic counterpart, providing layers of flavour to explore. In essence, non-alcoholic red wine expands the boundaries of red wine appreciation, offering a unique, fruit-forward, and delightful alternative for those accustomed to traditional reds.

Our Current Favourite

Tread Softly Everything Except Non Alcoholic Shiraz Red Wine 2021 0.0%

Tread Softly Everything Except Non Alcoholic Shiraz Red Wine 2021 0.0%

Tread Softly represents a modern collection of wines hailing from Australia, with a commitment to crafting exquisite, tasteful wines while employing environmentally friendly vineyard management and winemaking practices to minimise their ecological footprint. This Australian Shiraz, a lighter-bodied offering from Tread Softly, exhibits remarkable restraint without compromising on its bold, delectable character. It boasts a pleasingly rounded profile, gentle tannins, and a consistently vibrant intensity, making it a surefire crowd-pleaser.

White Non-Alcoholic Wine

When thinking about white wine, the familiar terms of "crisp," "balanced," and "light-bodied" readily come to mind, reflecting its refreshing and easy-drinking nature, particularly well-suited for sun-soaked moments. However, alcohol-free white wine, similar to its red counterpart, seeks to redefine our perception of a revitalising drink under the sun. Embracing this innovation means discovering the pleasures of meticulously crafted Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay without the intoxicating effects. It retains the delightful flavours, fragrances, and balanced acidity, allowing you to appreciate all the nuances of white wine without alcohol, making it a game-changer for those who seek both complexity and sobriety in their wine experience—a refreshing twist on tradition that broadens your sunlit horizons.

Our Current Favourite

Plus Minus Premium Chardonnay White Wine 2021

Plus Minus Premium Chardonnay White Wine 2021

Plus & Minus represents a modern collection of Australian wines thoughtfully crafted to be abundant in antioxidants while eliminating alcohol content. The Plus Minus Premium Chardonnay hails from the exceptional 2021 Adelaide Hills vintage. This Chardonnay boasts a pale yellow hue and is brimming with vibrant fruit fragrances, showcasing notes of stone fruit, melon, and crisp apple, complemented by subtle hints of seamlessly integrated oak.

Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine

Alcohol-free sparkling wine provides a wonderful avenue for celebrating special occasions, allowing you to revel in the joyous moments without the concerns of a hangover looming over the following day. It offers all the elegance, effervescence, and sophistication of traditional sparkling wine, making it an ideal choice for toasting to milestones, achievements, or simply the beauty of life itself. Whether you're at a festive gathering, a romantic dinner, or a brunch with friends, you can savour the pleasure of sparkling wine without the need to limit your indulgence, ensuring that the memories you create are filled with laughter, shared toasts, and the promise of a clear and vibrant morning ahead.

Alcohol-free sparkling wine starts with a clean, crisp taste. The bubbles aren't as strong as in regular sparkling wine but still add a refreshing fizz. When you sip it, you'll taste a mix of lively fruit flavours, like green apple, citrus, and sometimes hints of peach or apricot.

Our Current Favourite

Bolle Oro Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine <0.5%

Bolle Oro Non Alcoholic Sparkling White Wine <0.5%

Belle Oro Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine is created through a natural process, fermenting de-alcoholized wine along with a blend of grape juices, utilising the exclusive and patented Zero Gradi™ technology. It gleams with a radiant golden hue and delicate bubbles. The vibrant aroma offers fruity hints of apple, tropical fruit, citrus, and a subtle toastiness. It's refreshingly dry, with a lively freshness and perfectly harmonised minerality. This sparkling non-alcoholic wine embodies a crisp, sophisticated, and complex character, delivering a truly refreshing experience with its well-balanced acidity.

Rosé Non-Alcoholic Wine

Alcohol-free rosé wine differs from traditional rosé by eliminating alcohol while maintaining the fruity and floral characteristics of the wine, often featuring notes of red berries, strawberries, and cherries. It retains a balanced acidity and is available in both dry and slightly sweet varieties, catering to a range of taste preferences. This makes alcohol-free rosé wine suitable for those seeking the flavours and experience of rosé without the intoxicating effects, offering a versatile choice for various occasions and celebrations.

Our Current Favourite

Hand on Heart Rosé Wine Non-Alcoholic 2020 <0.5%

Hand on Heart Rosé Wine Non Alcoholic 2020 <0.5%

Hand on Heart Rosé is another fantastic wine from the Miller Family Wine Company in California. It's a non-alcoholic wine that strikes a great balance between fresh fruit flavours and lovely floral aromas. When you taste it, you'll notice sweet apricots, maraschino cherry, pineapple, and citrus notes, while it smells like roses and daffodils. It pairs well with lean meats, soft cheeses, and light dishes, making it a great choice for lunch, brunch, or dinner on the patio.