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Non Alcoholic Red Wine

UB40 knew the score, nothing beats a good glass of red. But when it comes to finding a great non alcoholic red wine or low alcoholic red wine, we know the choice can be difficult.

Our Zerologists have scoured the low- and no- world for reds that tick all the boxes and have just the same love that 800 years of Burgundy family tradition have. So why not treat yourself to a bottle, light a candle or two and pop on some Barry White - because these reds are the real deal.

Our full non alcoholic wine collection.

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Non Alcoholic Red Wine

Step into a world of flavour and delight with our non alcoholic red wine. An embodiment of the finest fruits and impeccable craftsmanship, designed to redefine your non alcoholic drinking experience.

A common complaint amongst red wine drinkers is the alcohol free alternatives taste like a spoonful of outdated sugar juice. But no more, our Zerologists have brought together a range of alcohol free red wines all of which are mouth-watering, otherwise, they don't make the cut.

If you’re looking for that refreshing, crisp taste without the alcohol, we’ve got the best.

Even though our non alcoholic red wine offers the rich and robust flavours of traditional red wine, it doesn’t come with side effects. No hangovers or regrets in the morning is always a big plus.

Our alcohol free red wines go as low as 10.5 calories and 0g of sugar per 100ml. Now that’s low!

It’s a healthy option that supports your overall well-being.

With a variety of non alcoholic red wine options available, you can explore diverse varieties and flavour profiles, ensuring there's a perfect match for your palate and occasion.

  • Shiraz wine
  • Rosé
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Pinot Noir
  • Dry red wine
  • And more

It’s more than just red wine. Not having a drink in your hand can often make you feel left out, unable to socialise and enjoy gatherings.

Thanks to our non alcoholic alternatives, you can clink glasses with friends and family, participate in toasts, and be part of the celebration while making a responsible choice.

Also, it’s always nice to bust out the red when you want to set a sophisticated mood. It's an elegant choice for special occasions, a gift for dinner parties or when you simply want to elevate your dining experience, all while staying alcohol free.

So whether you’re pairing it with your favourite dinner or just socialising with friends, our alcohol free alternatives are always the best choice.