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Best I’ve found so far!

This is the only non alcoholic wine I’ve had since falling pregnant that I like - I finished the whole bottle in two evenings! Every other non alcoholic wine I’ve tried has been too sweet or has had a strange taste to it but this is close to the real deal. Ordered some more from the website now!

Super sweet!!

I love a french wine. Since I stopped drinking I was excited to see this listed as “french style”. It doesn’t taste like wine. It’s not a bad taste, but it’s super sweet. Like ribena. Would not buy again. Cheaper wines on this site that taste better :)

Lovely drink, ideal for people like me who can't drink alcohol

My “must have” drink

I am absolutely in love with Blush Rose Kombucha! The delicate blend of floral notes makes for the perfect, refreshing beverage. I love the healthy benefits it offers and the fact that it's low in sugar. Blush Rose Kombucha has become my new favorite drink and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's simply delicious!

Full of flavour!

This is such a great beer. It's packed full of flavour just like a great IPA should be. Even without the alcohol this is up there with my favorite IPA's.

March Wine Box

Amazing box - yes it’s a little more than the supermarket but it’s absolutely worth it! The Noughty is my favourite but New Blood was equally delicious! It’s the closest to white wine without alcohol that I’ve tried. Customer service is first class - nothing is too much! Highly recommend this company and their high quality products.

Give it a go!!

While not pretending to be non-alcoholic wine, this green tea kombucha is really very similar in taste to a dry white wine. Zingy with a bit of sparkle, not a hint of sweetness and goes superbly well with food. Highly recommended.

Freestar Extra Time IPA
Paul R.
Excellent service

Great choice of interesting beers - much better than the big brand stuff. Delivery super quick. This is my 3rd order. Am now a regular!

Great choice

Fantastic value for money. I haven’t tried all varieties yet as saving some for Christmas Day…. But the ones I have tried have been very nice

The best non alcoholic white wine I’ve had

The most realistic tasting non alcoholic white wine I’ve had.


A very pleasant alternative to the real thing,but expensive.

JING Jasmine Pearls Sparkling Cold Brew
Mirka G.
Sparkling tea

It is what is says it is. Unsweetened sparkling tea. Surprisingly nice.


Lovely and smooth caramel taste, hoppyness aromas and fruity lilts.

Crisp n clear

Lovely and refreshing. Clear and crisp

Grapefruit bite balances the sweetness

I liked this, and the 330ml was a good size for it.
Refreshing with a good tang.

Too sweet n sharp for me

Found this a bit like drinking a sherbert dib dab.. not to my taste. But all worth exploring!!

A good range of lager: one to gulp down thirstily, another to enjoy with food, the third to savour.
Great selection 😊

Bemuse Tarragon Basil & Hops Sparkling Mead
Elizabeth P.
Interesting flavour!

The first time I tried traditional mead, I found it too sweet. This, I could drink a lot of. The flavour is a complex blend, and I find it very refreshing over ice and straight from the fridge.
One to savour, not gulp!

A great selection indeed

This selection of zero and 0.5% pale ales and lagers are excellent. Terrific variety.
Will be purchasing again, I'm sure.


Low alcohol alternatives have come a long way in the last few years as this white testifies. Loved it - bought a second case and I’m usually a red wine drinker.

This was a present ,so did not sample it
It arrived on time

One of the best alcohol-free IPAs

Not too hoppy, and none of the metallic aftertaste you sometimes get in AF beers. Refreshing. Only disadvantage is cost!

By far the best low alcohol wine I have tried.

HOLOS Sparkling Oolong Premium Kombucha with Elderflower
Christine H.
Nice bottle

This was a present for a couple of friends. Nice bottle. Quick delivery.