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One of the best alcohol-free IPAs

Not too hoppy, and none of the metallic aftertaste you sometimes get in AF beers. Refreshing. Only disadvantage is cost!

By far the best low alcohol wine I have tried.

Nice bottle

This was a present for a couple of friends. Nice bottle. Quick delivery.


Love this; was pleasantly surprised as have tasted non alcoholic drinks and low alcohol; nothing has been as tasty and feeling special until trying these! Wanted to get off alcohol drinks and this is going to feel like my fave fizzy tipple x

REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon - Wow!

Bought as a sampler while trying to find some decent alcohol alternatives instead of the usual, not so nice, mass market stuff. This is completely different to what we expected, and hands down the best sparkling wine alternative we’ve come across. It pours, looks and almost tastes like a decent sparkling wine, though the taste is a little more delicate (and super pleasant), and it’s slightly thicker in the mouth. To be fair, it’s just a lovely drink in its own right, and We’re enjoying a chilled glass now, in the sunshine. Will definitely be ordering more, and so should you, it won’t disappoint!


Having tried other Copenhagen Sparkling Teas, I was looking forward to this one...and it did not disappoint!! Will definitely be buying again.

Best alcohol free on the market

I was very happy with the case. It offers about as close to a ‘real’ flavour as I’ve tasted and well worth the money to feel like I’ve got a special treat while everyone else is drinking


This is up there as one of my favourite AF beers. A must try.

Finally found a decent AF red wine!

So pleased with this as it genuinely smelled, looked and tasted like a red wine, which was the only alcoholic drink that I've actually craved since going AF. I had tried a couple of other AF red wines before this one and was thoroughly disappointed. I'm so happy I've found this one for a nice little treat at home when the cravings get too much!

Light and Refreshing and close to the boozy version

I was pleasantly surprised with this wine. Served exceptionally chilled, it was incredibly refreshing and lovely to drink. I could envisage sitting with my feet dipping in a pool whilst I lay in the sun sipping on a glass of this. Would thoroughly recommend trying it. Not in the slightest bit sweet which, for me, was a godsend. Enjoy.

Gnista Barreled Oak
Stuart S.W.
Warming Nightcap

Easy to order. Nice neat, enjoyed the subtle complex flavours.

Lovely treat with dinner.

Dry January experiment, however I now feel so good that I’m not sure why I was drinking alcohol to begin with.

Michelle G.
Very nice rum substitute

Has a great flavour, reminiscent of dark spiced rums such as Havana Club. I served with ginger ale and it was very pleasant.

Belle & Co Sparkling 0.0%

Lovely, would recommend! Only issue was that in hindsight I felt a little cheated on the price when I learned it was nearly half the price in Morrisons!

I am very sorry about the price Stuart. As a small startup we are unfortunately a 'price taker' but, with the help of our customers, we hope to one day have the same sort of buying power as Morrisons.

Slightly bitter but pleasant.

Nice with ice but very watery consistency. Not very sweet but may go with coke like Tia Maria.

Tastes like vinegar

The bottle and colour of the product look great. It's also pleasingly fizzy. However, I wasn't prepared for the rather tart vinegar aftertaste. I didn't realise that this was one of the properties of kombucha, due to it being fermented. So if you've tried kombucha and like it, this drink will probably be for you. However, it wasn't a hit with me.


Love this. A cheeky IPA with lunch on a Tuesday - why not when it’s 0%?! I really couldn’t tell it was alc-free. Lovely fresh taste.

So refreshing

Absolutely love this stuff! It’s a beautifully fragrant jasmine tea… not sweet but I absolutely love it for that. Really refreshing and simple - I would drink it instead of water if I could!

A brilliant AF IPA

A really superb AF IPA. So true to an alcohol based IPA you can hardly tell the difference. If you like hoppy, hazy IPAs then this is the AF equivalent fo you.

An amazing AF IPA

I was blown away at how close this tastes to an alcohol based IPA. Really hoppy and with a full body. It’s definitely a new AF favourite for me!

Citrus, hops and bittersweet

Nice alcohol free IPA, fresh and tasty with a citrus base and plenty of hops.

Nice alcohol free IPA

Quite nice. It was a tasty alternative just not quite my taste but good to try this alcohol free alternative.

New favourite

I was pleasantly surprised how refreshing this was as a no-alcohol pale ale…so much so after trying it once, I ordered some more and I have a new favourite!

I really felt like I was going to have a glass of whiskey. I poured it on the rocks and it looked great in the glass. It smelled OK. It tasted less great - lacking the depth and bite I was hoping for. I sipped it slowly, it had a mild placebo affect. I expect it might be better with a mixer so I shall try it with ginger ale as recommended - that said if I need to mix it with a soft drink then the price point is too high.

I was really excited about this, it looked like wine, I felt like I was opening a nice bottle of red. I poured a glass, it smelled good. In that respect it ticked a couple of boxes. The taste was OK, it lacked depth but I guess what do you expect for alcohol free? I enjoyed it (in the absence of the real thing in dry January). Time will tell if I buy it again.