Most trade partners don’t have the time, scale, curators or connections to create their own unique AF menu. That’s why we do it for them.

Who are we, and what do we do?

We provide an expertly curated range of the best alcohol-free drinks in the UK, some of which we exclusively import. There are some exceptionally good alcohol-free products now in the market, often crafted by small artisan suppliers. As you probably know, there is also a lot of… well, rubbish.

Our experts do the sorting to highlight the finest alcohol-free options available, spanning alternatives to beer, ciderwine, roséspirits and ready-to-drink cocktails as well as botanicals and kombuchas.

It’s notoriously difficult to find a decent alcohol-free drink that actually tastes good. That’s why we give a VIP shortcut to the best of the best, helped by the world’s finest, and only, Zerologists (alcohol-free artisans), our range is small and sublime.

We demystify the world of alcohol-free, explaining how the process works (and why it’s sometimes more expensive!); that bread does in fact have a higher ABV than many non-alcoholic drinks, and all the weird and wonderful benefits of drinking less alcohol (most AF drinkers are moderators, not abstainers).

Alcohol isn’t as cool as it used to be…

A 2019 survey of 2,400 British workers found that 56% of millennials considered themselves to be mindful drinkers, and Gen Z even more so, with the UK’s largest recent study of drinking behaviours showing that 16-to-25-year-olds were the most likely to be teetotal.

The No-Lo market is large and growing:

  • The global non-alcoholic beverages market is forecast to hit $1.7bn by 2028.
  • 36% of people in the UK planned to drink more non/low-alcohol cocktails in 2022.
  • 58% want to switch between full strength and no-low-ABV drinks - IWSR.
  • Online no-low alcohol sales grew by 315% in the past year - NielesenIQ.

“The opportunities for the on-trade, for spirits and wine producers, as well as for increased competition from within the wider beverage industry makes the no- and low- alcohol category one of the most exciting areas of the drinks industry at the present, and one that’s likely to see some of the most innovation and evolution over the next year across the whole industry.” IWSR - drinks market analysis.

How we can help

Until now ZZZ has been a D2C retailer of alcohol-free products. But potential trade customers have the same issues as new consumers in this space. With so many new brands and products available and competing for attention, it becomes very difficult to find the best products. Creating relationships with multiple suppliers is difficult and time-consuming. We can offer a one-stop supply for a carefully curated collection of the very best alcohol-free products.

Alcohol-free products can be retailed from non-licenced premises and provide an outstanding opportunity for retailers of all types and players in the hospitality industry to tap into a global trend and a growing market.

Zero.Zilch.Zip is an inclusive movement. It’s not about sobriety or religion. It’s about the choice to prioritise your health being easy, rather than overwhelming. It’s about not feeling like an outsider in social situations. And most importantly, it’s about delicious alcohol-free drinks.

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