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Sea Arch Rose Sea & T

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The official stuff

Sea Arch Coastal Juniper blend non-alcoholic distilled spirit with a low calorie raspberry and rose-infused tonic. Sea Arch Coastal Juniper blend is made using traditional distillation techniques. At the first sip, aromatic juniper and bitter grapefruit give a clean, crisp taste. Then comes the sweetness and spice of blood orange and coriander. Distinctively fresh coastal notes and Devon character are distilled from the wild seaside herbs of sea kelp and samphire, and cardamom ensures a balanced, warm finish. Overall, its delicate balance of botanicals gives an intense and inviting depth of flavour, providing a sophisticated alternative for times when people don’t want to drink alcohol. Sea Arch ingredients are sourced from natural local coastal areas in Devon, to ensure they stay true to what makes Sea Arch so special. The Rose Sea & T has been created as their latest no alcohol addition, premixed with a wonderfully light low sugar tonic water.

Alcohol content: 0.0%

Style: Pre-mixed ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktail.

Container: 250ml can

Energy: 18.0 kCal/100 ml

Sugars: 3.9g/100 ml

Vegan friendly: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

How to store: Store in a cool place. Serve chilled.

Country of origin: England

zerologist james

What the @#*$ is a Zerologist?

Disruptors of drinks lists. Enemies of average. Alcohol-free adventurers. Our 2022 curation is the masterpiece of James and Christine, the world's only Zerologists, and the guiding lights of your alcohol-free forays. You can meet them here

why it's worthy

Why it's worthy

This pretty pink drink is delicious, aromatic and accomplished.

what you'll taste

What you'll taste

Pale pink with lively bubbles, this has a lovely floral nose with layers of citrus, berries and marshmallow.

the perfect pairing

The perfect pairing

Over ice, garnished with a handful of berries.

the pleasant surprise

The pleasant surprise

Sea Arch distill in the traditional way to extract maximum flavour from botanicals before removing the alcohol and blending to create perfectly harmonious blends.