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Mother Root Ginger Switchel

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The official stuff

The pre-dinner drink you can look forward to all day. Inspired by an age-old American recipe, Mother Root’s Ginger Switchel is a delicious, all-natural infusion of pressed ginger juice, blossom honey and organic apple cider vinegar that will excite your tastebuds and leave you feeling revitalised. Best enjoyed as a pre-dinner aperitif over ice with soda or a light tonic, a slice of orange and a fragrant sprig of rosemary.

Alcohol content: 0.0%

Style: Apple cider vinegar switchel.

Container: 480ml bottle

Vegan friendly: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

How to store: Store in a cool place. Serve chilled.

Country of origin: England

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What the @#*$ is a Zerologist?

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why it's worthy

Why it's worthy

Vibrant and warmly spiced, it works brilliantly as an uplifting spritz or in a range of cocktails.

what you'll taste

What you'll taste

Ginger, honey and apple cider vinegar with a subtle chilli kick.

the perfect pairing

The perfect pairing

Over ice, topped with soda in a long glass. Garnish with citrus or a sprig of fresh rosemary.

the pleasant surprise

The pleasant surprise

Switchel, also known as haymaker's punch, was popular in the 1800s as a refreshing pick-me-up for farm workers during harvest time.