Helping the world drink differently

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Alcohol-free has always been an afterthought. It’s been consistently and criminally disrespected and under-appreciated. And it’s been over-influenced by the (small) exposure given in big supermarkets. So the people who select products based on price and profits seem to be the people influencing our first experience of alcohol-free.

Well, that’s just wrong. So, we’re here to open eyes, change minds, and help the world drink differently.

Getting you straight to the good stuff

Our collection celebrates 125 drinks in total. Small. Sublime. And ready to embrace new entries or update our curation in the blink of an IPA.

This isn’t about sobriety or religion. We like a cheeky alcoholic tipple as much as anyone. It’s just in a world of growing concerns around physical and mental health, we think alcohol-free deserves a curator and custodian. And we think you deserve a VIP shortcut to the best of the best.

Say goodbye to feeling sheepish at dinner parties. Or feeling like an outsider in social situations. Welcome to the wonderful world of alcohol-free drinking. Inclusive. Inspiring. Surprising. We hope you enjoy every moment.