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Kolonne Null Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Wine 2020 - Edition Wasem

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The official stuff

The Kolonne Null Rosé Sparkling 2020 - gentle balance and lively sparkles in a pale pink look. The slightly playful sweetness of red berries and plums is in harmony with lively acidity.

Kolonne Null has specialised in creating the finest non-alcoholic wines since 2018 and stands for quality, fun and style. Kolonne Null typically develop and co-produce with award-winning international family wineries, and this premium Sparkling Rosé has been brought to life with Julius, Philipp and Gerhard Wassem, three brothers from the fourth generation family winery in the Kaiserpflaz, Ingelheim.

Excellent as an aperitif , for celebrating or just for fun.

Low calorie, low sugar, vegan and gluten-free.

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Alcohol content: 0.2%

Style: Dealcoholised sparkling rosé wine

Container: 750ml bottle

Energy: 17.0 kCal/100 ml

Sugars: 2.9g/100 ml

Vegan friendly: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

How to store: Store in a cool, dry place. Serve chilled

Country of origin: Germany

Allergens: May contain residual sulphur dioxide

Ingredients: Dealcoholised wine, sucrose, carbon dioxide, preservative.

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why it's worthy

Why it's worthy

A wonderful collaboration between Kolonne Null and the Wasem family, fourth generation winemakers in the Kaiserpfalz, Ingelheim.

what you'll taste

What you'll taste

Aromas of plums and red berries - playful, fresh and lively

the perfect pairing

The perfect pairing

Excellent as an aperitif or for any celebration

the pleasant surprise

The pleasant surprise

Kolonne Null develop and co-produce their wines with award-winning international family wineries, specifically selected for their specialisation with the varietal.