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Blurred Vines Spark Rosé Wine

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The official stuff

Created by winemakers & plant scientists for new rituals beyond alcohol, Blurred Vines, created by Three Spirits, are their alternative wines.

Using functional ingredients, ethically sourced plants, and innovative fermentation methods, they created drinks for celebration.

Sharp- Energising, Effervescent, Euphoric. Floral, vibrant and plenty fizzy.

Natural caffeine and L-theanine from tea and guayasa focus the mind and the mood. Schisandra berries and cayenne pepper work to promote circulation and increase endurance. Spark is low sugar and low-cal.

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Alcohol content: 0.0%

Style: Sparkling rosé, Wine style

Container: 750ml bottle

Energy: 21.0 kCal/100 ml

Sugars: 2.0g/100 ml

Vegan friendly: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

How to store: Store in a cool, dry place. Best served chilled.

Country of origin: United Kingdom

Allergens: High natural caffeine content (19mg/100ml). Not recommended: for children, if pregnant or breastfeeding. Seek professional advice if taking medication.

Ingredients: Cold brew botanical blend of; (guayusa, black tea, green tea), redcurrant juice, strawberry juice, fermented fruit wine (water, apricot juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, wine yeast), botanical extracts of; (hibiscus flower, green tea (L-theanine), schisandra berry, cayenne pepper), gum acacia, white wine vinegar, wine tannin, natural flavours, tartaric acid, malic acid, mineral salts of; (potassium, magnesium), vitamins; (C, B3, B6, B7, B12).

zerologist christine

What the @#*$ is a Zerologist?

Disruptors of drinks lists. Enemies of average. Alcohol-free adventurers. Our 2022 curation is the masterpiece of James and Christine, the world's only Zerologists, and the guiding lights of your alcohol-free forays. You can meet them here

why it's worthy

Why it's worthy

Superbly crafted blend of ferments and infusions, perfect for food pairing.

what you'll taste

What you'll taste

Layers of fruit and spice with black tea, capsicum, rosehip, nutmeg and mace, schisandra berry, sumac, orange and pomegranate molasses. Spicy warmth of pepper, sezchuan and chilli builds as you sip.

the perfect pairing

The perfect pairing

Try this with something rich and sticky like Peking Duck or Teriyaki salmon.

the pleasant surprise

The pleasant surprise

Three Spirit infuse their drinks with plant derived adaptogens and nootropics.