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Ambijus Clearly Confused Sparkling Wine Alternative 0.5%

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The official stuff

Something very special - this unique wine alternative is made with ingredients native to Norwegian nature. It represents an exploration into unique and complex flavours and has been designed to enjoy in a wine glass with great food and even better people.

Clearly confused has been carefully developed with six core ingredients consisting of ferments and botanical extracts, most of which have been specially selected to bring to life the flavours and aromas of the Nordic forest. This wine option is somewhere between an aromatic cider and an orange wine.

As served in some of the finest restaurants in the world including The Fat Duck by Heston Blumenthal.

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Alcohol content: 0.5%

Style: Sparkling wine alternative

Container: 750ml bottle

Energy: 30.0 kCal/100 ml

Sugars: 6.0g/100 ml

Vegan friendly: Yes

Gluten free: Yes

How to store: Store in a cool, dark place. Serve chilled. Refrigerate after opening.

Country of origin: Norway

Allergens: Quinine

Ingredients: Water, apple juice concentrate, apple cider vinegar, natural botanical extracts and infusions, Acid: Magic, c02. Contains quinine.

What the @#*$ is a Zerologist?

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why it's worthy

Why it's worthy

This is an amazing alternative to a sparkling wine and has justly earned its place on The Fat Duck's (Heston Blumenthal) wine list as well as those of many other fine dining establishments.

what you'll taste

What you'll taste

The refreshing taste of pine needles with light notes of cider. Generous aromas of a Nordic forest with apple and spruce leading, backed by piney juniper and a woody finish.

the perfect pairing

The perfect pairing

Serve in a wine glass and pair with cured food, game, mushrooms, roasted vegetables, creamy soups or cheeses.

the pleasant surprise

The pleasant surprise

Ambijus products are inspired by the Nordic landscape - boreal forests to unspoilt fjords and everything in between. Ambijus is not wine - it has no appellation, no terroir. It is where flavours and ingredients are combined in new ways through fermentation, infusions and cold brewing.