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The Ivy Collection

worth the wait

It says a lot when one of the world’s leading restaurants lists a selection
of your exclusive wines. It says… they’re something pretty special. They’re
something worth getting your hands on. Hell… maybe it even says we know
what we’re doing (maybe just a little bit).

But the thing with the ‘out of ordinary’, is that it often means ‘out of stock’. And
the wines gracing the Ivy’s alcohol-free list have been in big demand. But
there are more on the way - and we want you to be amongst the first to
experience them when they land on our shores.

Leave your email below for stock alerts'll be worth the wait.

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The Ivy Collection

10 premium non-alcoholic wines. One of the world’s finest restaurants. Zero.Zilch.Zip. just teamed up with The Ivy Collection, providing their alcohol-free guests with a unique assortment of wines to complement their acclaimed menu.

As both establishments share a common passion for culinary excellence and innovation, this collaboration aims to cater to the evolving preferences of a diverse clientele. Zero.Zilch.Zip.'s dedication to crafting high-quality non-alcoholic beverages aligns seamlessly with The Ivy Collection's commitment to delivering unparalleled dining experiences.

David Ray, Director of Bars at The Ivy Collection, comments “We are thrilled to be able to expand our non-alcoholic range of wines with Zero Zilch Zip in the trial restaurants. It's an exciting time for the category and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a wider selection of non-alcoholic beverages as part of our range. Pairing Zero Zilch Zip wines with dishes from our menus is a great way to appeal to a huge array of guests.”