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Alcohol-free and calories: The case for lighter living

Alcohol-free and calories: The case for lighter living
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Let’s start with the simple stuff. Calories are not bad. They’re not naughty. And they’re not evil. In fact, we’d find ourselves decidedly short of energy without them in our lives. So let’s keep them, agree? Because the ability to move around is kind of a good thing in our eyes.

But there’s a ‘but’… It’s. All. About. Balance. Consuming too many calories is a no-go if skinny jeans stay around for much longer. And consistently going OTT on your calorie consumption is where the scary health issues can start.

The ‘empty’ calories tucked away in your favourite alcoholic drinks can often be public enemy number one. And that’s where we come in. Because your favourite drinks don’t need to contain alcohol to taste and feel amazing. Not any more.

You’ll probably think we’re biased. And you’re probably right.

So here’s some official stuff to help you make your own decisions… and if you can’t be bothered to keep reading, here’s a shortcut to the best alcohol-free drinks in the world (according to our Zerologists).


You probably know that alcohol is high in calories - in fact, alcohol gram for gram has the highest calorific value of all of the major food groups. Yikes. For this reason alone, many people consider alcohol-free beer and wine to be easier on the waistline, and they’re not wrong.

Because when it comes to calories, alcohol-free counterparts are (almost) always lower than their alcoholic associates, making it a (much) better option if you’re keeping an eye on your calorie intake, your weight and your waistline.

Although non-alcoholic tipples are generally lower in calories, they can occasionally be higher in carbohydrates, so make sure you read the labels if you’re super-serious about weight loss or healthy living.


zero and low alcohol beers



Beer is notorious for being calorific, catching flack for its average of 239 calories per 5% abv pint - two pints, and you’re only just falling short of the calories in a Big Mac. Suddenly make sense why you’re struggle to shift that extra half a stone? We’ve been there too.

Let’s look at one of our better-known beers - the Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager 0.5% comes in at just under 53 calories for a 330ml bottle. With a satisfying crisp and fruity flavour, this alcohol-free unfiltered lager is organic and low calorie… and it’s an award-winner, with three industry leading accolades in the last year alone. They must be doing something right. Right?


zero and low alcohol spirits



Now… let’s look at your not-so-innocent friend the spirit. Often considered to be a low-calorie alcoholic option, with a typical 25ml serving usually equates to around 55 calories for a cheeky little vodka (just don’t mention the mixers). Not tooo bad eh?

Not great either though. Especially when compared with the zero calorie heroes in our collection of (often award-winning) spirits. Look no further than the thoroughly

gin-inspired New London Light, First Light 0% Salcombe Distilling Co. With notes of lemon, juniper, wood and fresh herbs, we think this is the closest anyone’s got to making a gin without alcohol. Oh – and you won’t find a single calorie. Not one.

Even the naughtiest of our alcohol-free alternatives are kind of faking their naughtiness. Wilfred’s Bittersweet Orange & Rosemary 0% (another award-winner), comes in at 42 calories per 100ml, which means you’re losing calories from your favourite spritz tipples, without losing the spicy, Italian aperitif taste.


alcohol-free wines



Like beer, wine also gets a bad rep for being high in calories and, depending on your desired taste, it can be very high in sugar too. Yes, yes. We’re all clinging to the well-reported cardiovascular benefits… especially in red wines. But this isn’t due to the alcohol. In fact, non-alcoholic wine has the same benefits, if not more. And you’ll never wake up feeling squiffy either.

Yet to try a great alcohol-free wine? You’re yet to meet our Zerologists. Because the Ariel 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon <0.5%, is a belter of a discovery. Bramble fruits. Oak. Vanilla. You’ll taste it all in this medium-bodied beauty. Oh – and it’s only half the calories of an alcoholic alternative (23 cals per 100ml, to be precise).

Final word

Non-alcoholic beverages do have less calories than their traditional counterparts. There’s just no argument there. Zero.Zilch.Zip.

But that’s not the only benefit they’ll bring you. A liberated lifestyle. A clear head. A better night’s sleep. We could go on… but you’re probably ready for some alternative reading, so click here to dive back into our Zerology Zone, or start your alcohol-free adventure by browsing the brilliant products in our first ever curation.