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Christmas Day Designated Driver

Christmas Day Designated Driver

Turns out, Chris Rea’s not the only one driving home for Christmas, in the UK last year, more than 14.5million drivers were on the road on Christmas Day.

So, with nearly a quarter of the entire British population succumbing to the role of designated driver on Christmas Day, Zero.Zilch.Zip. are here to ensure you enjoy your day just as much as the 8am Buck’s Fizz drinkers and the 8pm Baileys drinkers, but without the hangover… and possibly without the inevitable arguments after one too many, too.

Start your day

It begins… you wake up with that “weird feeling” that everyone gets on Christmas Day morning, then you head downstairs to find that Santa has in fact been (as you dust the magical biscuit crumbs away from your pjs).

Next thing you know, it’s time for ALL of the Buck’s Fizz. All of it. It’s Christmas after all? But later on you’ve got to drive to your parents for a second helping of Christmas (oh, the joys)... so you reach for the orange juice, to be met with a “Oh, are you not having any?”. Fear not. Here’s what you should pick instead:

Alcohol-free Buck’s Fizz:

One before dinner, because why not?

That lull between presents and Christmas dinner. What does everyone do? Reach for the booze of course, to be soaked up by all of the upcoming food. Champagne is the choice for many throughout the entirety of Christmas Day. So here’s what you can supplement that with, and feel less groggy for Boxing Day.

Champagne Alternatives:

The main event

Turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets… more exciting than the present opening? Debatable. What it’s all about? Certainly. As your family and friends reach over for their poison *ahem*, alcoholic beverage of choice, you may be wondering where this leaves you, the designated driver.

You absolutely can enjoy the taste of alcohol, without the fuzzy headedness, and skip the soft drinks. You’re more sophisticated than that. Here are our offerings of choice to pair with your Christmas dinner:

Everyone is asleep… fancy another?

Your family and friends are likely flagging by now, in a big way. Lots of alcohol, and then a huge meal too? Definitely the time where lots of afternoon naps sneak in, and alcohol infused naps are sure to cause grogginess and regret upon waking.

However, you’re feeling spritely and fresh after your alcohol-free decisions, which means you can sneak in another game of Monopoly or Scrabble, and actually make the most of the day that comes round once a year!

For a light, refreshing after dinner choice, we’d recommend Princess Hug0.0 Alternativa.

Cheese, crackers… and more wine?

We all love a cheese board don’t we? It’s almost as festive as it gets. Something about them just screams “Christmas”, and we’re here for it.

We’re also here for the endless amounts of alcohol-free wine you can enjoy pairing to your desired cheeses and drive home fresh as a daisy, whereas your family and friends are likely a tad more than feeling just merry… and as red in the face as St. Nick himself (insert stat about why alcohol causes redness and how it’s unhealthy). Here are our top picks for wine pairings:

Party the night away whilst Eastenders plays in the background

The day is drawing to a close, and everyone else is extremely worse for wear. In the meantime, you’ve had some uplifting alcohol-free beverages, like Wild Life Botanicals Nude, and are feeling as fresh as you were six hours ago (minus the mini food-coma, of course).

Whilst everyone else dabbles in whatever is left of the alcohol, sure to wake up feeling like they’ve gone 10 rounds on Boxing Day, you sip the last bit of your sophisticated drink, savour the taste, and head home after catching the drama on all the soaps.