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16 Spooky Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Halloween

16 Spooky Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Halloween

Spooky season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to get creative with your drink choices. The following drink recipes are suitable for all ages and backgrounds as they contain no alcohol, meaning also that the next morning might not be as scary as past experiences (when too much alcohol has been consumed).

Non-Alcoholic Punch for Halloween

Green punch

Whether you’re hosting a fancy dress party, heading out trick-or-treating or having a scary movie night, these punch recipes are bound to get you in the spooky mood.

Eye-ball punch

Mix together a carton of cranberry juice, some lemonade, some alcohol-free white spirit to taste and some sliced orange. Finish by dropping in some jelly eyeballs to give the drinkers the fright of their lives.

Green and gruesome punch

Mix some lemonade, some lime juice, a decent drop of green food colouring and some lime jelly into a bowl. Serve into spooky glasses and sip away. You can even choose sugar-free jelly if you wish.

Bloody mary punch

Mix a carton of tomato juice with some black pepper and Tabasco. Garnish with some sliced pickles and get creative with how you cut them, the spookier the better. This one has a kick to it so be wary…

Blood-bath punch

Mix some red grape juice with a drop of red food colouring, add some cinnamon sticks and 2 sliced chillies, and finish off by hanging some strawberry laces off the rim of the bowl for added effect.

Non-Alcoholic Jello Shots for Halloween

Jello Shots

Jello shots are fun, tasty ways of getting the party started. Try these alcohol-free ones for your Halloween parties this year.

Ghostly jello shots

Grab some green jelly, mix it with some boiling water and place into your smallest cups/glasses, ideally shot glasses. Chuck them into the fridge overnight and let them set. Once set, grab some black food colouring and draw on some eyes and a mouth. You can also use sweets for the eyes if you wish. Have some fun with it!

Pumpkin jello shots

Grab some orange jelly, boiling water and black food colouring. Use a round ice cube tray and make a mixture of the jelly and water, then leave to set overnight. Use the black food colouring to draw on some funky designs once set.

Eye-ball jello shots

Mix some red jello, boiling water and alcohol-free rum into a mixing glass. Pour into shot glasses and place a jellied eyeball on top of each. Leave to set and tuck in. Beware, these are addictive and super sweet!

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Halloween

Halloween cocktails

The drink of choice for many at parties, so let’s make them spooky and alcohol-free shall we in time for Halloween.

Alcohol-free vampire’s kiss

Grab some alcohol-free white spirit, our current fave is Polka’s version, mixed with some cranberry juice, some ice and some raspberries. Finish with a drop of alcohol-free champagne to spice it up. Add some red sugar around the rim for that final bloody effect.

Alcohol-free Witch’s brew

Make a base of 200 ml alcohol-free white spirit and 100 ml lemon juice, mix well and drop in some frozen raspberries, alcohol-free raspberry liqueur and some ice chunks. Top with a rim of sugar mixed with some red/purple food colouring. Garnish with a cocktail cherry stick.

Pumpkin martini

This one is a little different but it’s bound to impress your guests. The base can be either alcohol-free white spirit or rum, both of which you can buy excellent examples of here from Zero.Zilch.Zip. Add a splash of vanilla extract, some heavy cream and some maple syrup then finish by mixing in some pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice. Add some orange food colouring to enhance the colour.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks that look like Blood

Blood cocktail

We’ve already mentioned a few Halloween-style alcohol-free drinks with a red twinge, take the Vampire’s Kiss, blood-bath Punch and Bloody Mary, but here are a few more to get your squeamish side showing.

Bloody velvet

A fizzy red delight perfect for celebrating Halloween. Mix some pomegranate juice, plenty of grenadine syrup and plenty of lemonade into a glass. Finish with some ice and some strawberry slices for added effect.

Bloody orange fizz

Mix some blood orange soda and some grenadine syrup, garnish with some orange slices and add some red food colouring to enhance the colour if it isn’t quite bloody enough for you!

Cherry bloody smoothie

Blend some Greek yoghurt, honey, frozen cherries and red food colouring in a blender. Blend until smooth and add honey to taste and food colouring until it looks like a thick, bloody mixture! Creepy! Top with some sweets to be extra creative. Have fun with it!

Non-Alcoholic Wine for Halloween

Alcohol-free wine is a great choice for Halloween because it promotes inclusivity among guests of all ages and dietary preferences, allowing everyone to join in the festivities. Its diverse flavours and versatility make it ideal for creating Halloween-themed cocktails and mocktails, adding a sophisticated touch to the celebration.

Alcohol-free wine also supports responsible hosting by providing a safe option for guests who need to drive home. Whether used as a beverage or an ingredient in mocktails, alcohol-free wine can enhance the Halloween experience, pair well with themed foods, and contribute to the overall atmosphere of your spooky gathering.
Here are our current favourites perfect for a Halloween celebration.

Kolonne Null Silvaner Session No. 5 White Wine 2021 - Non Alcoholic

Kolonne Null proudly introduces its Special Edition No. 05 - a non-alcoholic Silvaner that captivates with its delicate green hue, remarkable clarity, and invigorating freshness. This enchanting blend offers a harmonious fusion of gooseberry, pear, and delicate herbal undertones, gracefully intertwined with the subtle mineral character derived from the red sandstone and shell limestone terroir.

B1654 Non-Alcoholic Shiraz 2021 wine <0.5% ABV

This South Australian Shiraz is full-bodied and bursting with flavour. It smells of dark fruits with hints of vanilla and spice. The taste lingers with dark red and purple berries and a touch of dark chocolate. It's well-balanced and smooth.

POLKA Non-Alcoholic Davidson Plum Sparkling Rosé Wine

POLKA, from South Australia, made a non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé using South Australian wine and Davidson Plum, an Australian fruit known for its tartness and deep red colour, to enhance the red fruit flavours.