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6 Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Go Well With Seafood

6 Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Go Well With Seafood

Looking for that perfect pairing of seafood and alcohol-free? Then look no further. Here’s the Zerologists favourite non-alcoholic drinks that go with certain fish dishes. 

The best non-alcoholic drinks that go with fish are typically the ones with a softer flavour so they don’t overpower the taste of the dish. Many non-alcoholic beverages tend to be strong in flavour to mask the absence of alcohol, so it’s often important to find a softer style to accompany your favourite seafood dish.

We offer plenty of options here at Zero Zilch Zip, whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic wine, non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic spirit, we’re sure we’ll have a perfectly refreshing recommendation that is an ideal match for your fish dish.

Non-alcoholic drinks that go well with Salmon


Just like red meats are traditionally paired with red wine, salmon is often paired with a white wine or champagne. That’s why the best non-alcoholic drinks that go well with salmon are the alcohol-free counterparts of white wine or bubbly.

Here at Zero Zilch Zip, we offer a large range of alcohol-free white wine and champagne alternatives, each carefully selected by our Zerologists to ensure we only stock the very best quality no or low options.

1) Salmon and DC Sauvignon Blanc  or Jukes Cordialite and Tonic/Lemonade


We’d recommend the DC Sauvignon Blanc <0.5% due to its tropical flavours that complement the rich taste as well as the fresh acidity that balance the fish’s fatty nature.

If a Sauvignon isn’t up your street, why not try Jukes Cordialities mixed with a tonic water or lemonade, the citrus and herb theme of the cordial further complement the unique taste of salmon and again the acidic tones balance the fatty nature.

2) Salmon and Mighty Brew Heritage Elderflower Sec or Blurred Vines Sharp 

If you’re leaning more towards an alcohol-free champagne pairing for salmon, we’d recommend Mighty Brew Heritage Elderflower Sec with its citrusy tones that perfectly complement the flavours of the fish.
Or you can try the Blurred Vines Sharp which also contains citrusy, acidic notes with a refreshing, revitalising complexion that ensures the mouth is left watering for the juicy salmon.

If none of these take your fancy, there are simple alternatives such as lemonade or other citrus based drinks, in which the acidity balances the flavours of the salmon perfectly, especially smoked salmon. Try and ensure it isn't too sweet though, as this could overpower the taste of the fish.

Non alcoholic drinks that go well with Sushi

The best non-alcoholic drinks that go with sushi are those that are refreshing and relatively light so they don’t overpower the unique taste and cleanse your palette for your next piece. This is often why alcohol-free beers and refreshing mocktails are the best choice to pair with some sushi.

We have a large range of refreshing non-alcoholic beers available here at Zero Zilch Zip, perfect for your sashimi, nigiri or whatever sushi takes your fancy.

1) Sushi and Nirvana Traditional Pale Ale  or Mikkeller Henry Gose Lightly


Why not try the Nirvana Traditional Pale Ale, with its smooth, hoppy caramel taste that really brings out the salty flavours in most sushi. As well as this, we’d recommend the Mikkeller Henry Gose Lightly on your next sushi venture. This refreshing beer has sour lemon tones and a strong saltiness that make it a perfect combination with most sushi pieces.

If you’d prefer to go down the mocktail route, you’re in the right place. We've got years of experience exploring the best mocktails, so we’ll make sure your next sushi and mocktail pairing is a perfect one.

We’d recommend going for mocktails that utilise Japanese ingredients such as ginger. This can include a non-alcoholic martini with the addition of a drop of ginger, or simply a whiskey-ginger, in which you’d use an alcohol-free version of whiskey available at Zero Zilch Zip.

Alongside these, you could drink any gin-based mocktail, or gin and tonic, as the herbaceous tones of gin, or gin alternatives, pair very well with most ingredients in sushi, especially tuna and salmon. Make sure there’s a drop of lemon juice in there, too.

If none of these appeal to you, try a green tea pairing with sushi or ginger beer for reasons stated above. Green tea is often the drink of choice with sushi, especially after the meal, and ginger beer complements any Japanese dish.

Both of these drinks will be excellent at cleansing your palate of the fattiness and strong tastes of sushi.

Non-alcoholic drinks for other fish dishes

The best non alcoholic drinks for mussels and oysters are alcohol-free white wines and champagnes, similar to salmon, or even an alcohol-free rose or red if the flavour is strong and fishy.

It all depends on how the mussels or oysters are cooked, as they often use wines to cook with, so you should drink a similar wine to what is used in the process. The bubbles in alcohol-free champagnes complement the mineral taste of the two dishes, and the wines often work well with the saltiness.

In general, alcohol-free white wines and champagne go well with most fish dishes, including fish and chips, squid and paella. This is due to their fine, smooth nature with a clean crisp taste that doesn’t overpower the fish but has a refreshing nature to cleanse your palette and not let the saltiness take over.

Head to our Zerology zone for more alcohol-free insights and recipes for your next non-alcoholic adventure.