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Why alcohol-free drinks are becoming popular

Why alcohol-free drinks are becoming popular

Fancy being let into the secret behind one of the biggest social and lifestyle drinking revolutions?

As people are waking up to the impact of alcohol and ditching the drinks in favour of flavoursome, benefits-laden alcohol-free alternatives, we've peeked behind the curtain to find out exactly what's driving this change for good.

Welcome to the alcohol-free future

For adventurous drinkers, healthy explorers and the downright curious everywhere, the alcohol-free movement has shrugged off its stale wannabe image of yesteryear and embraced the vibrant, positive choice lifestyle of today's intelligent in-control consumers.

Global sales of non-alcoholic beverages are soaring, with no- and low-alcohol consumption predicted to skyrocket by 31% by 2021, according to drinks market research specialists IWSR. Part moderation trend and part embracing the innovative range of beverages from smaller craft producers, alcohol-free (AF) alternatives are emerging as this decade's healthy-living products of choice.

It's why our Zerologists here at Zero.Zilch.Zip have scoured the industry to handpick our curated range of extraordinary AF drinks that are laden with health benefits and mental wellbeing boosts – and are superb beverages whatever the occasion.

What's powering the revolution?

Millennials and Generation Z are the main insurgents, driving a transformation in choice and demanding more from their drinks. These younger generations are adopting a healthier lifestyle and reaping the benefits of going alcohol-free – but they're not the only ones.

From fitness fans and healthy lifestylers to a renaissance in older living, knowing what you're putting into your body is now a key priority.

Lockdowns have played their part, too.

Covid-19 has had a monumental impact on everyone's lives. People are changing their habits and lifestyle for personal growth – from working at home to workouts at home – ditching the pub and hitting the park for a jog has taken on a new urgency. From Joe Wickes home PE lessons to Sophie Ellis-Bexter's kitchen disco, healthy home living has become the new going out.

There's also the range of benefits alcohol-free drinks deliver. From packing immunity-boosting botanicals and herbs to helping sharpen the mind and revitalise tired bodies, alcohol-free beverages are more than beer and wine impersonators.

The benefits of going alcohol-free

So, why should you moderate your alcohol intake and pick up the torch of alcohol-free drinking instead?

Alcohol-free drinks are usually small batch genius drinks. Carefully crafted, often experimental, and designed to give your tastebuds a thrilling workout, AF drinks are a tempting treat that are also #DrinksWithBenefits.

The taste

One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is taste. Non-alcoholic drinks aren't bland or lacking in flavour.

Expect everything from soft, gentle drinks to big, punchy flavours that will have your tastebuds standing to attention. These flavour engines are powerful, and – amazingly – many are thousands of years old and have been just waiting to be rediscovered.

From the myriad of flavours, our picks include fruit, spicy mocktails steeped in rich essences, non-alcoholic beers with deep, wholesome notes of flavour to non-alcoholic gins and ciders that are packed with sweet, zesty, zingy flavours.

It's why we envy our free-spirited Zerologists, who have discovered some of the most flavoursome alcohol-free drinks to try – it's a heck of a job, but someone had to do it!

Hello happiness

Switching to non-alcoholic drinks may be just the thing to boost your mood and happiness levels. Studies suggest that giving up alcohol may significantly boost mental health.

When we're happy, we have a more positive outlook on the world and life. Imagine having that level of satisfaction and happiness whilst still enjoying drinks that exude the same flavours as your favourite beer or gin.

Welcome to a new you

Wondering what the other health boosters from non-alcoholic drinks are? The NHS reveals that you can expect a boost in energy, healthier skin, and improved moods as some of the main benefits of moderating your alcohol consumption – and switching to one of the many Zero.Zilch.Zip drinks can help you level up even more.

Alcohol-free – welcome anywhere

Several UK universities, including Birmingham, Northampton, and Northumbria, found that alcohol-free drinks are becoming a socially acceptable norm. No more hiding your delicious AF beverage away.

Oh no – time to shine a light on your drink discovery and become the toast of all your mates. The majority of those surveyed supported the idea of alcohol-free events, and many saw them as a desirable social alternative where they didn't feel like outsiders in a crowd.

Put simply, alcohol-free drinking is seen as a positive. So, drink AF anywhere and don't let those wedded to an ale and wine past tell you otherwise. Inspiration. Liberation. Rejuvenation. You name it; it's there.

Start your alcohol-free adventure

If you're interested in starting your own alcohol-free adventure, welcome to the movement!

Consider some of Zero.Zilch.Zip's awesome products to get you started.

Swapping to alcohol-free drinks may be one of the best health and lifestyle choices you ever make, and then you'll know for yourself why they're becoming so popular. Spread the word!