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Introducing Polka De-Alc Drinks - The ‘New Wave’ of Alcohol-Free

Introducing Polka De-Alc Drinks - The ‘New Wave’ of Alcohol-Free

Born in South Australia, Polka is the freshest ‘de-alc’ drinks company designed to ‘rethink the way you drink’. 

About Polka Drinks

Started in July 2021, Polka is South Australia's newest alcohol-free specialist. Designed to target the more ‘health-conscious’ consumer, they specialise in premium alcohol-free drinks that are all vegan friendly and low in calories.

All of Polka’s drinks are made with dry native botanicals, richly associated with the Riverland region in South Australia and all designed to spark your senses with iconic flavours and texture characteristics.

Each product is attractively bottled, they are all guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds and leave you enjoying your alcohol-free adventure.

Polka Products

Polka have created an exclusive collection of ‘de-alc’ Wines, Spirits and Aperitifs, all of which can be found here on Zero.Zilch.Zip.

Polka Lilly Pilly Sparkling Cuvee 2021

After months of research to try and get that famous Australian sparkling taste, Polka released their flagship drink, the Lilly Pilly Sparkling Cuvee. Containing grape juice, Lilly Pilly extracts and de-alcoholised Australian wine, this champagne alternative is one of the finest on the market.

Polka Davidson Plum Sparkling Rosé

Featuring the native botanical Davidson Plum, this alcohol-free Rosé is full of naturally bitter flavours that are bound to get your tastebuds excited. Perfect for a celebration or a beautiful summer’s day, this ‘de-alc’ wine from Polka is a perfect reason to say no to alcohol, why wouldn’t you with this on offer.

Polka Non-alcoholic Botanical Spirit

Botanical infusions of juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit bring this alcohol-free masterpiece to life, allowing gin lovers to get a taste of what Polka are about, too. With taste and bottle quality you expect from only the highest class gins, this low calorie spirit is a perfect alternative if you fancy a G+T but de-alc.

Polka Non-alcoholic Italian Aperitif

Showing notes of blood orange, lemon myrtle, rhubarb and grapefruit, this Polka aperitif is the perfect pairing for the Polka Sparkling range or your favourite mixer and fruit slice. The fruity tones allow this aperitif to be a perfect addition to any alcohol-free drink, and will be sure to leave your senses tingling, Italian style.

Polka Mocktails

With the flavour sensations on offer from Polka, it’s only right that we supply you with some delicious cocktail recipes to ensure you get the most from this unique South-Australian brand.

Ruby Polka Spritz

Simply pour some Polka Lilly Pilly Sparkling Cuvee into a champagne glass, add a dash of Nine Elms No.18 Ruby Velven and top off with a drop of soda water. Garnish with a fruit slice of your choice, ideally grapefruit if you have any, and voila.

Fruity fizz

Not for the simple drink lover. Add some ice to a glass, mix some Polka  Lilly Pilly Sparkling Cuvee, Polka Non-alcoholic Botanical Spirit and Wilfred’s Bittersweet Orange and Rosemary, garnish with an orange slice and you have a fruity mocktail made in heaven. This one will really fizz your tongue.

Rosé Martini

An alcohol-free twist on the classic, with added zing. Mix together 50ml Polka Davidson Plum Sparkling Rosé, a drop of Polka Non-alcoholic Botanical Spirit, some lime juice and a splash of syrup. Play with the amounts for each because there are some strong flavours in this one and it may need a few trial runs. Luckily it won’t affect your coordination if you have a few!

The Zero.Zilch.Zip./Polka Special

A refreshing take on the mocktail scene with a mix of some of our favourites. Mix some New London Light, a drop of Polka Non-alcoholic Italian Aperitif and Polka  Lilly Pilly Sparkling Cuvee, finish with some bitter fruit juice of your choice and top with a lime wedge. This revitalising cocktail is made for a summer’s day and really brings out the sunshine wherever you are.

Once you’ve given these a go, head to Polka’s Journal to see their take on some classic cocktails, and to read more about the funky brand!