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Brilliant Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Drinks (and do they actually have any effects?)

Brilliant Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Drinks (and do they actually have any effects?)

Benefits you ask? We’ve got ‘em! Here in the Zerology Zone we’ve investigated a whole heap of topics – from the benefits of not drinking, to the benefits of drinking alcohol-free beer - however, we know there’s more to say and there’s even more benefits to share, so we’re diving back in!

We’re also taking a look at any effects of drinking non-alcoholic drinks, and is that buzz you’re feeling just in your head?

Your next favourite drink

Guess what? Most non-alcoholic drinks (especially those hand-picked by our zerologists!) taste bangin’. You may have heard outdated rumours about the taste, but we’re here to very much disprove that.

Sure, some might still be fairly undrinkable… (not naming any names!) but there are scores of low and no-alcohol drinks that easily rival their full-strength siblings.

Take the light and refreshing DC Sauvignon Blanc, the fruity Vandestreek Grapefruit IPA or the rich Lyre’s Coffee Originale with distinct and contemporary flavours – there’s something for all tastes!

Swap out the protein shake

How’s this for a fun fact? With alcohol, no one would recommend enjoying a tipple while taking part in physical sport. However, as it turns out, the sodium in non-alcoholic beer particularly benefits recovery following exercise. Interestingly, the fluids and carbohydrates that beer contains also help your body to recuperate after strenuous exercise.

One more thing… in another wild turn, non-alcoholic beer benefits your fluid balance and supports rehydrating your body (in comparison to its alcoholic cousin that quickly dehydrates you!)

I feel funny

According to research, your body associates the smell and taste of ordinary beer with dopamine, the feel-good chemical that gives you a euphoric feeling. Interestingly, non-alcoholic beers have been found to give you the same feelings of reward as full-strength beer – seemingly this might suggest that you get a light-headed feeling like you’re drunk when in reality, you’re nowhere near.

Sober buddies

Hey! We know that we make it sound really easy – just enjoy the non-alcoholic version of your favourite drink right? After all, we’ve proven that it’s less calories, better for your workout, better for your sex life, better for your sleep, still gives you a buzz, helps you fit in, delicious, cheaper… need we go on?

In the interest of fairness, we’ve done some thinking on the benefits of drinking. We’re yet to come up with anything. But we promise we’ll continue to think about this important issue…

So, yeah. Buy delicious drinks, hand-picked by our expert Zerologists right here from ZeroZilchZip.