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Gin Based Mocktails

Gin Based Mocktails

If you’re experienced in the beverage department, you’ll know that many of your favourite cocktails are created using some sort of Gin.

But what if you want to convert to alcohol-free? What then? Crack out your favourite glassware because we’ve got you covered with our favourite gin mocktails. 

Sing-and-pour sling

This one is an alcohol-free take on the classic Singapore sling, first developed around 1915. Well known for its colourful appearance, this alcohol-free alternative is no different.

Simply grab a long glass, chuck in loads of ice and add 100ml Bax Botanics Verbena, 50ml Nine Elms No.18 Ruby Velven, a dash of tonic and lime juice, then top up with your choice of fresh fruit juice, the more colourful the better! This one is perfect for you fruity cocktail lovers, and the possibilities for this fruity delight are endless. 

A ramble

Inspired by the ever-popular Bramble cocktail, a ramble is a fruity number perfect for those who love their berry flavours. Grab yourself a tumbler, crush some ice and add 50ml Bowser Leaf Conker Spirit, a gin alternative that really encapsulates the foliage of plants.

On top of this add some fresh lemon juice, sweet syrup then a drop of Three Spirit Livener to bring out some colour. To finish, chop up some fresh berries of your choice and chuck them on top. 

Passionfruit Marti-no

We know, these names might need some work. We’re sure you can guess where this one is going though.

A alcohol-free twist on the household favourite. Grab yourself a traditional cocktail glass, add 50ml New London Light with its zesty flavours, top up with pineapple juice and some syrup, vanilla ideally, finish with half a passionfruit and a drop of lime juice. This one is super tangy and flavoursome, we’re sure the first sip will take you to a beach somewhere. 

Funky G and Tee

The last of the terrible names, for now. We know a Gin and Tonic isn’t strictly a cocktail, so we’ve put our own twist on it to spice it up a little. For this you can use any of the aforementioned gin alternatives.

Grab a glass, add some ice and your choice of gin alternative, sprinkle over some tonic water and then we get to the good bit; Poor in a drop of ANON English Garden, a non-alcoholic spirit with notes of strawberry and mint, to ensure the perfect Gin and Tonic alternative for any occasion. Add a sprig of mint, some lime juice, and you’re good to go. 

Head to our Zerologist Zone for more inspiration. Whether it be more mocktail recipes or information on our favourite non-alcoholic drinks, we’ve got you covered.