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Benefits of Going Sober for October

Benefits of Going Sober for October

Going sober for October is becoming increasingly popular. As well as raising millions for cancer research, there are numerous other benefits to signing up to Macmillan’s month-long event.

What is Go Sober for October?

Sober October is a yearly event run by Macmillan to encourage people to go alcohol-free for the month of October to raise money for cancer support. It was launched in 2014 and has since raised over £30 Million, helping people with cancer live their lives as best as possible.

You simply sign up, go alcohol-free and invite friends and family to donate to you (if they can). Macmillan Cancer Support has termed the money-raisers as Soberheroes, and we’re here to tell you why becoming one is a fantastic idea.

Health benefits of going sober

We’ve touched on this many times within our Zerologist Zone here at Zero Zilch Zip, but we’re here to reiterate it as it’ll encourage you to raise money for a great cause. There are many health benefits to reducing your alcohol intake, some more obvious than others. 

After just one month of being sober there are drastic improvements to your liver functionality, your skin and your hydration levels. As well as this, you’re bound to have a clearer head, more energy and better sleep. Sounds like it’s at least worth a try!

Due to the lack of calories in beer and other alcohol-free options, you’re also guaranteed to lose some inches around the waist! Just another reason why going sober is a good idea, especially as you can raise money for Cancer whilst doing so. 

Surprising benefits of going sober

As well as the obvious health benefits, there are other not-so-obvious benefits to swapping your drinks to non-alcoholic versions. For example, did you know the sodium in non-alcoholic beer is vital for muscle recovery? The fluids and carbohydrates in the beers can also help you recuperate after strenuous exercise. Read other surprising benefits of not drinking alcohol in our Zerology Zone. 

We understand that going sober can be hard, that’s why at Zero Zilch Zip our Zerologists have curated the world’s best selection of alcohol-free alternatives, ensuring that your month (or more) off the booze is easier than ever. 

So as well as the obvious benefits to your body and brain, if you sign up to Go Sober for October you’ll be supporting a fantastic cause and ensuring you make a difference.