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The Best Alcohol-Free Spirits as Chosen by our Zerologists

The Best Alcohol-Free Spirits as Chosen by our Zerologists

Previously we’ve touched on the best alcohol-free beers, craft beers and wines but spirits are a whole new ball game. Whether you’re looking for a delicious alcohol-free drink as an alternative to vodka, gin, whiskey or rum, we’re sure our Zerologists will have something for you. 


With notes of caramel, vanilla, nutmeg and a touch of heat, this Rum alternative is the perfect substitute to alcoholic Rum for a mindful drinker.

Not all Pina Coladas, Daiquiris or Mojitos have to leave you feeling dizzy and dehydrated, and whilst also being super low in calorie and vegan, the positives are starting to outweigh those of its alcoholic counterpart.

Whether you’re creating complex mocktails or simply mixing it with your favourite mixer, we’re sure this award winning beverage will hit the spot. 

Lyres American Malt

An alcohol free alternative to Bourbon seems like a thing of the future due to its complexity and unique taste, however, Lyre’s have managed to encapsulate all of this within their non-alcoholic Bourbon Malt.

Providing generous flavours of vanilla and toasted nuts followed by herbal notes and a long mellow finish, the gentle spice palate this beverage provides leaves unique flavours well after its finished.

This low calorie botanical spirit should be enjoyed with a premium mixer or as part of alcohol-free versions of classic cocktails such as an old fashioned. 

Caleno Dark and Spicy 

Inspired by the founder’s Colombian heritage, this non-alcoholic tropical rum is designed to bring columbian vibes to your front door. One sip of this will create a latin fiesta in your mouth with its dark pineapple tropical notes as well as hints of coconut, ginger, and kola nut spices.

This non-alcoholic spirit is perfect over ice served with ginger ale, and is guaranteed to turn any occasion into a party (hangover free of course!)

Feragaia (Fe-ra-guy-a)

Distilled in Fife, Scotland, this unique alcohol free spirit is created using 14 carefully selected land and sea botanicals. The taste is like no other, containing notes of earth and spice as well as the freshness of Scottish highland water, creating a clean complexity and warming finish.

The bottle is as beautiful as the drink, and as the brand focuses largely on sustainability, you know you’re doing your bit. We recommend serving it over ice with your favourite mixer, and a slice wouldn’t go a miss either. 

How are alcoholic spirits made? 

After reading this, you’re probably wondering how these alcohol-free vodka, gin, and whiskey alternatives are made. No? Well we’re gonna tell you anyway. 

Non alcoholic spirits, similarly to a lot of alcoholic spirits such as flavoured gins, are made from botanicals. Botanicals are flavours extracted from plants and can include spice, flower or root extracts as well as many more. 

Similarly to making non-alcoholic beer, making non-alcoholic spirits is really hard. Each brand may do it slightly differently, and obviously depending on the type of drink being made it differs due to different tastes being needed.

The steps for making non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic spirits always involve some form of distillation, a commonly used separation technique to remove alcohol, and often some form of steaming/mixing to provide the best flavours from their chosen ingredients.

There are some exceptions to this however, take Lyres American Malt for example, they simply blend certain ingredients together to give it its smoky bourbon taste, but this isn’t common due to the ease and popularity of the distilling process. 

Check out our Zerology Zone for even more fascinating alcohol-free insights as well as suggestions for your next non-alcoholic tipple.