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12 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks for a Wedding

12 Delicious Non-Alcoholic Drinks for a Wedding

Weddings are a time for joy, love, and celebration, and there's a growing trend in the wedding world – alcohol-free drinks.

This blog is your guide, whether you're the bride and groom seeking unique ways to cater to all guests' preferences or a guest looking for non-alcoholic options. From elegant mocktails to creative zero-proof concoctions, we'll explore how to ensure everyone can participate in the festivities without the effects of alcohol.

It's all about redefining toasting at weddings and making sure there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Selecting the Perfect Non-Alcoholic Menu

Choosing the right alcohol-free drinks menu for weddings matters because it includes everyone, accommodates diverse preferences, encourages responsible drinking, and makes the event more enjoyable and memorable for guests. It's about ensuring everyone has a great time and feels welcome at the celebration.

There are a few ways you can ensure your alcohol-free drinks selection is perfect, matching both the theme and season. These are as follows:

Theme and Colour Palette - Consider your wedding theme and colour scheme when selecting beverages. For rustic themes, drinks containing lemonades and fruity fusions are ideal.

For more of a vintage, traditional theme, dark alcohol-free spirits and classic cocktails are perfect. Do some good research into drinks that match your theme and colour palette.

Seasonal Flavours - Adapting your beverage menu to the season adds a delightful touch to your wedding celebration. During the summer months, embrace the warmth with a selection of citrusy and tropical options.

Consider serving zesty lemonades, exotic fruit punches, or even refreshing coconut water-based mocktails to help guests beat the heat. In contrast, for autumn weddings, infuse the air with the cosy aroma of apple and cinnamon. Think about which drinks match the season you’re in and whether they personify the seasonal feel of the wedding.

Collaborate Creatively - Working with your caterer or mixologist is a fantastic way to make your wedding special. You can create unique alcohol-free cocktails that match your theme and the season.

Think of vibrant mocktails with tropical flavours like pineapple and coconut for a summer beach wedding. In winter, consider warm drinks like spiced cider or minty hot chocolate to give your celebration a cosy feel. This collaboration ensures your drinks perfectly fit your wedding's style and the time of year.

By working closely with experts, you can ensure that every sip not only aligns with your theme and the season but also leaves a lasting impression on your guests, making your wedding truly unforgettable.

4 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines for a Wedding

Wedding red wine

We’ve discussed tackling occasions while alcohol-free in the past. Luckily, we have a huge range of alcohol-free wine perfect for a wedding day. From elegant Pinot Noirs to versatile Rieslings, we have the perfect drinks to make sure your mindful guests aren’t left out.

1. Plus Minus Non Alcoholic Pinot Noir Red Wine 2022 0.0%

Real Pinot Noir aromatics shine through, as Plus Minus Pinot Noir offers the rich and intricate essence of a deep, complex red wine, all without alcohol.

Its profound and savoury profile, and subtly sweet undertones, infused with herbs and spices, seamlessly harmonise with its inherent fruity notes, culminating in a flavour that matures with each indulgent sip. Perfect for those red wine lovers at a wedding.

2. Hand on Heart Non-Alcoholic Rosé wine 2020 <0.5%

Elegantly refined, Hand on Heart Rosé is a delightful choice for a variety of occasions, making it especially ideal for weddings. This non-alcoholic wine strikes a flawless harmony between invigorating fruit notes and vibrant floral fragrances.

With its initial sip, you'll be greeted by a symphony of flavours, including luscious apricot, tempting maraschino cherry, tropical pineapple, and zesty citrus, all dancing gracefully on your palate. Simultaneously, the bouquet captivates your senses with the delicate scents of rose petals and daffodil flowers.

3. Casa Emma Zeero Non-Alcoholic Italian White Blend Extra Dry Wine


This exquisite Italian white blend is expertly crafted from a harmonious blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Vernaccia grape varieties. Its elegant, light straw hue sets the stage for a sensory journey filled with the delicate fragrances of ripe yellow fruits. Labelled as 'extra dry,' this wine lives up to its name, boasting a remarkable 0g of sugar per 100ml and exceptionally low-calorie content.

Whether for a wedding celebration or any special moment, this de-alcoholised Italian white blend is a perfect choice, offering the taste of traditional wine without alcohol.

4. Darling Cellars (DC) non-alcoholic Shiraz Wine <0.5% ABV

This alcohol-free Shiraz comes from sunny vineyards in Darling, South Africa, known for its unique farming methods. It has a deep ruby-red colour and a taste that reflects the land it's from. You'll notice hints of ripe red fruit, a touch of black pepper, the scent of dried rose petals, and sweet candied cherries.

The French Oak tannins add structure. This versatile de-alcoholised Shiraz is great for weddings year-round, whether you're celebrating in the warmth of summer or the cosiness of winter. Its rich flavour is perfect for toasting love and joy on your special day.

3 Best Non-Alcoholic Champagnes for a Wedding

Wedding champagne

Champagne is a strong tradition at weddings. Whether at the reception or evening do, it’s important to make all of your guests feel welcome with inclusive alcohol-free options. We’ve got a great selection of alcohol-free alternatives to champagne, here are our current faves perfect for your special day.

1. Belle & Co Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine 0.0%

A firm favourite of Zero.Zilch.Zip., a revitalising non-alcoholic sparkling beverage, a wonderful substitute for traditional sparkling wine or champagne. Crafted by combining fermented grape juice with top-quality green tea, this low-calorie sparkling rosé is an excellent choice when you crave a hint of effervescence.

It's perfect for crafting delightful bubbly cocktails, making it an ideal addition to wedding celebrations, or simply enjoying on its own during those special moments of the big day.

2. Plus Minus Non Alcoholic Sparkling Blanc de Blancs White Wine NV 0.0%

A harmonious blend of Chardonnay, Semillon, and Colombard grapes. Plus Minus Non Alcoholic Sparkling Blanc de Blancs White Wine boasts a lively bouquet brimming with citrus and apple notes, lifted by a touch of sweet fruitiness.

Upon sipping, you'll be greeted by its delightful effervescence, which contributes to a satisfying mouthfeel. This sparkling gem is crafted in a celebratory style, featuring well-balanced sweet fruit flavours and a refreshing, cleansing acidity. It's the perfect choice to elevate the ambience of a wedding reception or after-party.

3. B1654 Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Chardonnay 2021 <0.5%

Made with a mix of grape varieties, primarily Chardonnay, this South Australian Sparkling is reminiscent of champagne. It offers a great fruit taste and balance. The scent includes delicate flowers with hints of ripe apricot and peach.

These fruity flavours continue in the taste, with notes of brioche and lime. The texture is light, elegant, and bubbly. This sparkling wine is an excellent choice for weddings and special occasions, bringing a touch of South Australian charm to your celebration.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for a Wedding

Cocktail trio

The cocktail list at a wedding can really set the scene. Get the choices bang on and you’ll have people ordering them all day. Alcohol-free cocktails, or mocktails, are on the rise. So make sure your wedding hits the nail on the head with these alcohol-free cocktail recipes.

Cranberry Spritz

This romantic red cocktail is a love story in a glass. Combine cranberry juice, a splash of orange juice and some white sparkling wine. Add a twist of orange or lemon peel for an extra burst of flavour and enjoy. Its refreshing qualities make it the perfect choice for a sunny wedding day.

Mango Tango

Blend together perfectly ripe mango chunks, a generous squeeze of zesty lime juice, and a luscious dollop of velvety coconut milk. This delightful concoction marries the rich, velvety sweetness of mango with the bright, citrusy notes of lime, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavours that dance on your taste buds.

Virgin Bellini

Create a classy non-alcoholic version of a classic cocktail by mixing peach nectar with a bit of fizzy sparkling water. Add a fresh peach slice as a garnish for a touch of elegance.

Raspberry Rose Fizz

Start by gently crushing fresh raspberries, then, add a subtle hint of alcohol-free rose wine. This aromatic touch introduces a delicate floral note, adding depth to the flavour in an elegant way.

Finally, finish by adding sparkling water. The extra bubbles bring a playful, effervescent element, creating a refreshing and lively experience.

Virgin Vanilla Colada

To make a Virgin Vanilla Colada, blend together 1/2 cup each of coconut milk and pineapple juice with 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and crushed ice until it's smooth and creamy.

Pour the mixture into a glass, garnish with a pineapple slice and maraschino cherry, and enjoy this refreshing, tropical drink without any alcohol. It's a delightful and elegant choice for any occasion, including weddings.

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Options at Weddings

Champagne pour

If you're new to the alcohol-free lifestyle, you might be curious about the demand for non-alcoholic options at weddings. To your surprise, alcohol-free weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

While weddings and alcoholic beverages have long been synonymous, that association is evolving. It's perfectly acceptable to host an alcohol-free wedding or, if you prefer a middle ground, offer a delectable array of alcohol-free choices on the menu alongside alcohol, some of which we've highlighted above.

With the growing popularity of the sober-curious movement, we can expect to see a rise in events like dry weddings. Increasingly, couples are choosing to expand the selection of alcohol-free options on their wedding menus, not only to promote inclusivity but also to alleviate the expectation of drinking at weddings.

Whether it's your own wedding or someone else's, the choice to abstain from alcohol is entirely yours. After all, a wedding day is about celebrating and cherishing moments with loved ones, rather than being centered around alcohol consumption.

To make a wedding fun without your guests having to rely on alcohol, focus on creating an engaging and lively atmosphere through alternative entertainment options and thoughtful details. Start with a vibrant music playlist that keeps guests dancing and hire a skilled DJ or live band to set the mood.

Incorporate interactive elements like photo booths, lawn games, and a fun, non-alcoholic signature drink bar with creative mocktail and soft drink options.

Consider organising a heartfelt and memorable ceremony, followed by a delicious and diverse food selection that caters to various dietary preferences.

Finally, encourage socialising and mingling by seating guests strategically and providing conversation starters or icebreaker activities. With these elements in place, your alcohol-free wedding can be an unforgettable celebration filled with joy and laughter.

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