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Introducing Pure Vision

Introducing Pure Vision

One of Australia’s leading organic wine producers is leaving their mark on the alcohol-free world.

About Pure Vision

Although founded in 2005, Pure Vision Wine’s story began many years before in a Greek town named Kozani, where the Carypidis family learnt to plant grapes with minimal knowledge or experience before migrating to Australia in the 1950s.

It was here, in the late 1960s, where the family bought a plot of land in Virginia, South Australia and planted 20 acres of grapes ready to start their wine business.

In 1993, the eldest son in the family, Ken, expanded the vineyard to span 40 acres to accommodate many more grape varieties, meaning more types of wine!

In 2005, Ken saw a gap in the market for organic wine, so founded Pure Vision. Today, the brand is managed by Ken and his brother, Chris, as well as the rest of Ken’s family being an integral part of the business.

Pure Vision have become experts in the high quality, organic wine field, their produce is completely vegan too. Using sustainable processes, they have been able to curate a range of accessible and easy to drink alcohol and alcohol-free wines. All the flavour you would expect, without the hangover.

Read their full story here.

Pure Vision Alcohol-Free Products

Pure Vision have recently moved into the alcohol-free wine world. Their non-alcoholic products are produced with the same care and quality as their alcoholic wine, and are still organic, vegan and preservative free.

Pure Vision Non-alcoholic Chardonnay 2021

Made with organic grapes from their South Australian vineyard, this alcohol-free chardonnay consists of citrus, peach and honeydew melon flavours with a delightful crisp finish. Made by removing the alcohol from their already delicious alcoholic chardonnay, this drink contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, meaning you’ll get all the taste of a classic chardonnay whilst being mindful.

Food pairings

We’d recommend pairing your Pure Vision Alcohol-Free Chardonnay with creamy fish or chicken dishes, especially pasta with creamy sauces. As well as this, bright vegetable dishes pair well with this Chardonnay, but we’d recommend not pairing it with heavy, rich vegetable or meat dishes as these can cancel out the light heartedness of the wine. However, the best advice is to give it a try if you’re unsure of your palate, each to their own!

Pure Vision Non-alcoholic Shiraz 2021

Made in the same location as the Chardonnay, Pure Vision’s non-alcoholic Shiraz contains flavours surrounding plum, berry and oak. This Shiraz has no added sugar, allowing for a low calorie, vegan wine for all to enjoy. 0.5% alcohol by volume again, the same as some fruit juices! It’s basically one of your 5 a day.

Food pairings

We’d recommend pairing you Pure Vision Alcohol-Free Shiraz with meat dishes containing beef, lamb or chicken. The smokiness of the wine complements the meats perfectly due to the contrasting flavours, as well as some of the sauces you traditionally pair with these meats being fruity meaning that the shiraz feels at home. Australia is good at their Shiraz and meat offerings, and this is no different for Pure Vision and their alcohol-free alternative, even if you’re in a slightly colder country. As well as this, hearty vegetable dishes work well with this Shiraz, especially roasted vegetables.

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